SEIU’s Insidious Tentacles!

The Obama administration is philosophically bent on imposing socialism on America and is aggressively taking action to assure it happens in a short period of time at the behest of its handlers, unions the SEIU (See Obama Admits to Favoring Big Labor).

Like a giant ugly squid, the SEIU is directing the policy of the Obama administration to change this country from a capitalist society to a socialist society, all for the sake of power and money. This should not come as a surprise since Andy Stern, past President of the SEIU, openly embraced this transition in his book.

Many times I have encouraged readers to draw parallels between the SEIU’s power of persuasion corporate campaign and the campaign this administration is waging on the citizens of the United States. Below I have outlined a sequence of events demonstrating parallels between the two. Remember, the first objective is to overwhelm the target, which in this case is the American people and the Constitution!

1.  Stimulus Plan: Large majority of the monies went to states and projects which required union contractors to perform the work. Unions, such as the SEIU, were able to benefit from this after the Bill was forced through Congress by coercion, bribes and intimidation (See As Obama Kowtows, Unions Eye the Private Sector).

Parallels: Coercion, bribes, threats and intimidation.

2.) Auto Industry Bailout: G.M. and Chrysler deemed “too big to fail,” and unions were given a major ownership stake in each, to the loss of bond holders. The administration stepped in and threatened and intimidated the bond holders into accepting pennies on the dollar in order to accomplish the bailout.

Parallels: Coercion, bribes, threats and intimidation.

3.) Health Care Reform: Again passed through intimidation, coercion, threats, misinformation, propaganda and bribes. The big winner was the SEIU, as they represent nurses and health care workers. (See The Cornhusker Kickback will Cost You Plenty and My Questions for the President).

Parallels: Intimidation, coercion, threats, misinformation, propaganda and bribes.

4.) Financial Regulatory Bill: Administration made special trips to bribe and coerce republican senators into casting deciding votes.

Parallels: Coercion, bribes, threats and intimidation. EMS employees were intimidated and bribed on the streets and at their homes!

5.) Recess appointment of Craig Becker to National Labor Relations Board by Obama (See Obama’s Big Labor Ethics Loophole);

a.) Becker refuses to recues himself from cases involving the SEIU (See NLRB’s Becker is Already Under Investigation)

and participated in a Board decision which will encourage illegal secondary boycotting by overturning a previous decision finding that banners targeting neutral companies are coercive (See NLRB Rules that Union “Bannering” is Permitted under Labor Laws).

b.) Becker investigating overturning the Dana case allowing appeal for decertification within 45 days following forced unionism via neutrality agreement (See Recent Labor Law Changes Show that EFCA is Still a Real Threat).

c.) Becker recommends electronic voting (See SEIU Operative: Bury Them).

d.) Becker recommends eliminating employer time with employees prior to election (See Becker’s NLRB Forces Unionization through Administrative Action).

e.) Becker recommends use of employer computers and electronic devices to promote employee organizing campaign.

f.)  Becker attempting to affect Card Check (Employee Free Choice Act) through NLRB (See Obama Labor Bureaucrats to Bypass Congress?).

Parallels: Attempt to take away personal freedoms through bypassing the secret ballot election, promoting coercion with banners (as was done against EMS), promoting intimidation through electronic balloting (which has already happened with the SEIU).

6.) Andy Stern appointed to the Deficit Reduction Committee. The governments infiltration of czars and others without Congressional approval (See Democrat Caddell Rips White House for Obeisance to Organized Labor).

Parallels: Infiltration of customers and employee ranks.

7.) Andy Stern resigns as president of SEIU. Stern has for all intents and purposes disappeared. Where is he now? Government infiltration (See SEIU Voter Fraud Experts)!

Parallels: Infiltration of customers and employee ranks.

8.) Department of Labor (DOL) is given an executive order to investigate rewriting law to impose hefty fines upon employers found guilty of reporting violations (See Labor & Employment Law Alert – May 2010 and EFCA Update).

Parallels: SEIU and other unions demanding heavy employer fines in Card Check Legislation.

9.) Obama Administration defunds the federal agency responsible for monitoring the financial activities of labor unions (See Obama Admits to Favoring Big Labor and Open Government?).

Parallels: Create unlevel playing field, as with gag provisions in neutrality agreement or mandatory arbitration in Card Check legislation.

10.) DISCLOSE Act: Eliminate expenditure of money on political ads by corporations during election campaigns, but not by unions (See Unions Outspending Corporations on Campaign Ads Despite Court Ruling).

Parallels: Create unlevel playing field. Create financial disadvantage, as SEIU attempted by forcing EMS to defend over 40 “Unfair Labor Practices” charges, or by trying to revoke the financing of one of EMS’s customers.

11.) Overwhelm the system with legislation, executive orders, appointments, directives, misinformation and propaganda, use the press and media to attack/control opposition, etc. and use of “sleight of hand” tactics to slip things by while people are watching something else (See Obama’s Agenda: Overwhelm the System).

Parallels: SEIU Corporate Campaign included picketing, handbills, intimidation of employees and customers, filing unfair labor practices, OSHA complaints, EEOC complaints, infiltration of work force, misinformation in the press, propaganda, use of the press and media to attack, along with bribes and coercion. Wear the target down until it signs the neutrality agreement.

12.) Propose Change that is uninvited; impose their will on the American people.

Parallels: SEIU was never invited by employees, but the imposed their will on EMS and its employees.

13.) Police and Firefighters legislation: Forced unionism (See Police Fire Federal Forced Unionism “A Bad Idea”).

Parallels: Forced unionism.

This is list of the more blatant attempts by the Administration to fundamentally change America through force of will. Other initiatives such as Cap and Trade, Radical Supreme Court Appointees, Union Pension Bailout, Paycheck Fairness act and Project Labor Agreements for government contracts are just more of the Administration’s corporate campaign initiatives against the American people modeled off the President’s trainers – the SEIU. Please watch the video at the link below and you will understand all of the above!

Obama and the SEIU, Sittin’ in a Tree


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