The Drama Queen is at it Again!

Andy Stern, who recently stepped down as President of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), is once again earning the title of “Drama Queen” bestowed upon him by the Wall Street Journal in a July, 2008 article. Apparently, Stern is being investigated for corruption at the SEIU involving his recent book and questionable payments to a former SEIU Local president in California. (See Former LA Labor Leader Investigated)

As described in my book The Devil at My Doorstep, Andy Stern, like his friend President Barack Obama, had little experience to prepare him for managing a business. He knocked around from job to job and only became successful when he found a position where he could force his “ends justify the means” philosophy upon others. (See Attention Townspeople: This Awesomeness is Provided to You Courtesy of Governor Jan Brewer)

In the July 2008 WSJ article, other union leaders described Andy with such comments as “an arrogant usurper,” “a rather small peacock,” “enamored of all the glitz and hype of Hollywood types,” “impatient” and “He’s trying to implement dictatorial rule.” It was stated that Stern “incited fury within a lot of smaller unions, whose members don’t seem to think the movement needs a self-appointed savior.” Perhaps the most revealing comment was that he had “an overzealous focus on growth – growth at any cost.” Apparently that includes personal growth, as the FBI is investigating Andy’s $175,000 payday from publisher Simon and Schuster for his book despite accusations the SEIU evidently paid thousands of dollars to fact-check and promote the book, money that most likely came from membership dues. (See FBI Questioning Ex- SEIU President Andy Stern)

Stern was once quoted as saying that “Although we prefer to lead with the power of persuasion, with many resistant employers we were often left no choice but to use the persuasion of power.” As related in  The Devil at My Doorstep, I experienced the same ruthless philosophy at the hands of one of Andy’s henchmen when an SEIU contract manager made a similar comment at a meeting with me after I refused to sign a neutrality agreement, the genesis of EFCA or Card Check. He stated, “We enjoy conversation, but we embrace confrontation.” The latest incident appears to be just another measure of a man who is determined to have his way at the expense of others.

In his book, Stern described his “ethical will” and imagined “a world of concentric and cross influencing circles: at the core of the innermost circle was the individual, grounded by principled action and an ethical life.” “These principles guide my actions to this day and, more important, are a basis for a country that works.”  Somewhere along the way Stern apparently lost sight of these principles, or perhaps never embraced them. Even more scary than the potential internal corruption at the SEIU is the fact that Stern, who has officially visited the White House 22 times, is a member of the President’s Deficit Reduction Commission  and continues  to be a highly influential figure in the White House. What does it have to say for the ethics and philosophy of the Obama administration and the direction they are leading our country? (See Obama-SEIU Corruption Bubbles Over )

After all, don’t your associations speak louder than words?


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5 responses to “The Drama Queen is at it Again!

  1. Ken

    Excellent post, as usual. There is no reason for Acorn Andy to be on the deficit reduction committee. In fact, the only possible purpose is to try to push the radical government takeover of the stock market which Acorn Andy has promoted.

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