NRTW Exposes DOL!

Late Friday afternoon I received an article from Don Loos at the National Right To Work, NRTW, exposing yet another Obama administration attempt to snooker the American public and provide unions unprecedented cover to promulgate forced unionism (See Labor Department Ignores its Own Conflicts as it Eliminates Union Officer Conflicts of Interest Disclosure!).

The proposed rule change by the Department of Labor (DOL) would eliminate 2007 union official conflict of interest reporting regulations, which falls on the heels of the DOL’s elimination of regulations that required unions to file reports disclosing union officer and union employee perks (See Obama Labor Department Covers-Up Big Labor Bosses’ Perks ).

All of this is aimed at absolving unions, but not employers, from then Senator John F. Kennedy’s most significant piece of legislation the Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act of 1959! As you can see from the following post, this site has repeatedly called attention to President Obama’s close union ties and his intent to create an insurmountable playing field in favor of his union handlers (See SEIU’s Insidious Tentacles).

When will the light bulb go on? When will the American people wake up? Hopefully this realization occurs before it is too late and the unions and administration control the country! These people mean business, and plan to continue rewriting law in their favor if they can’t push bills through Congress (See Putting Reins on Executive Power).

They are not to be trusted as their goal is total control! Read Don’s article and take action now by filing your remarks by Midnight 10/11/2010 at this site: .

Please don’t sit on the sideline, get involved before it is too late! Your children’s future depends on it!

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