Americans: Beware of Rogue NLRB!

Last week, big labor bosses were provided two early Christmas presents while the nation was being distracted by the theatrics of its “Lame Duck” Congress!  In Beware the Lame Duck , I warned of potential attempts by Obama and his sidekicks Pelosi and Reid to pass some version of the “Employee Free Choice Act” (a.k.a. Card Check) by embedding one of its most onerous provisions, employer fines, in a non-related bill as described in the EFCA Update. I have also warned of the Administration’s attempts to pass EFCA Through the Back Door which could be achieved through use of executive appointments, executive orders and rule changes. It appears that, for Big Labor bosses, it is now Beyond Lame Ducksville and on to Corporate Campaigns with more weapons in their arsenal!

While the country was being distracted by Obama’s Alinsky style of Overwhelming the System, maybe the most insidious initiatives of all were being perpetrated at the NLRB or NBLR! First NLRB (National Labor Relations Board) General Counsel Lafe Solomon issued a memorandum to all Regional Directors concerning remedies to be sought for “unfair conduct” by businesses during organizing campaigns which can be seen in the NLRB Memorandum. Then, the Labor Board announced a proposed rule to require employer posting of employee rights under the NLRA, as seen in Labor Relations Board Rule Would Require Businesses to Alert Workers to Union Rights!

At first glance these would appear to be reasonable initiatives; however when you peak beneath the covers the newest initiatives are simply more evidence of Obama’s Love Affair with big labor! They are nothing more than another in a long line of recent gifts to big labor bosses to mount ruthless corporate campaigns against employers and employees. Campaigns designed to achieve “card check” through the True EFCA Objective, forcing employers to sign a Neutrality Agreement!

These two initiatives contain remedies that fit nicely into “The Ends Justify the Means” union playbook. The centerpieces of these initiatives are Unfair Labor Practices and the remedies proposed for such practices, which include a mandatory provision for the employer to provide the names and addresses of its employees to the labor union – a critical component of corporate campaigns against employers. Such a rule would effectively implement key provisions of the Neutrality Agreement.  As currently used, labor unions file unfair labor practices against companies resistant to their organizing efforts in order to force them to sign a Neutrality Agreement. The Neutrality Agreement contains a provision where, upon signing, the employer provides the employee list to the union. The Neutrality Agreement further eliminates the secret ballot in favor of card check, and you now have Job Killing Thugs at Your Door  and the doors of your employees! The proposed rule, therefore, accomplishes a key objective of the Neutrality Agreement for labor unions, and provides a key advantage to assist the unions in successfully organizing employees.

Corporate campaigns such as the one the SEIU ran against EMS, and as chronicled in The Devil at My Doorstep, are crucial to the future of the Gasping Dinosaurs! It is now abundantly obvious the NLRB, dominated by Obama appointees and ever mindful of the current plight of unions, who today represent roughly 12% of the workforce or 6% of the American population, is determined to provide union bosses the paybacks they are demanding, despite the fact that its mission statement reads:


The mission of the National Labor Relations Board is to carry out the statutory responsibilities of the National Labor Relations Act, as efficiently as possible, in a manner that gives full effect to the rights afforded to all parties under the Act.


The Act embodies a bill of rights, which establishes freedom of association for purposes of collective bargaining. It defines and protects the rights of employees, unions, and employers, and seeks to eliminate certain unfair labor practices on the part of employers and unions so as to promote commerce and strengthen the Nation’s economy. Under the Act, the NLRB has two primary functions:

1)      To conduct secret-ballot elections among employees to determine whether or not the employees wish to be represented by a union; and

2)      To prevent and remedy statutorily defined unfair labor practices by employers and unions.

Despite the fact the NLRA clearly defines that one of the NLRB’s two primary functions is to conduct secret ballot elections and that the mission of the board is to protect the rights of “all parties”, it is clear the NLRB is determined to provide an unlevel playing field in favor of unions by eliminating the secret ballot election at the expense of American employees and loss of American jobs! At the pace these new initiatives are being presented through the SEIU’s Insidious Tenacles, the United States will soon be nothing more than a third world country thanks to the greed of Obama and the big labor elitists who drive us toward socialism in the name of social justice. Nothing in the History of Labor Movement compares with the power grab that is being attempted today!

It is time for all Americans to take a stand against this tyranny and contact their representatives and demand these initiatives designed to bypass our constitution and remove our freedoms not only be stopped, but retracted!


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39 responses to “Americans: Beware of Rogue NLRB!

  1. johnrailtime

    One of the things the tea party is missing is components to deal with these little battles in various halls. The tea party needs to expand their focus beyond the halls of the capital and white house. These little battles will become victories in the larger picture, then it will be to late to battle.

  2. Britter Matthews-Cook

    Good afternoon. I hope this finds you well. I don’t know if you remember meeting me at an IFMA meeting a few years back, but I just had the pleasure of reading your father’s book “The Devil on My Doorstep”. I, like you, have been afforded an opportunity to work for a strong Christian company and without performance on my end (as I am sure yours as well) happens to be my Father’s company, and with honor and pride. I found the book in my Father’s truck on the way home from a business meeting I saw your father had wrote a short note to my father (Don Matthews) and asked if I could read it. He had not read it yet, but agreed to let me borrow it. I finished it on vacation this past weekend and just wanted to share with you and( hopefully your father) that I was impressed with his stance and vigor he demonstrated for his family and his company. It is interesting to me now seeing the unfolding economic crisis in America, and how people such as your father are improving the American Dream for many and himself only to be stifled by the same government that seemingly encouraged his American dream, Entrepreneurship, and job creation –until his success was noticed and encroached upon by those that seem to have governmental influence. His inflection of you throughout the book is of a proud father that knows he has a highly capable business savvy daughter by his side in this battle. Although we are in two different industries, I enjoyed so much his views on business philosophy, management style, family, and his faith. I hope that this entanglement has died down for your company. My father is still the president of our company, with my brother and I approaching the future of the company hoping we do not find ourselves in the same predicament that EMS Inc. found themselves in. If we shall, I pray we show the tenacity to our employees through education and facts they can distinguish what is the best opportunity for them, because their best interest is our best interest. I wish you and your family a very joyous Christmas and a blessed New Year.


    Britter Matthews-Cook

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  28. NevadaTom

    How come all union reps are “Big Labor Bosses” and “Thugs”? Don’t we have any “big thug CEO’s” in America? This is not Fair & Balanced! Let’s start a list of”BIG THUG CEO’S” and post it in IBD New America page.

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