Identifying the Devil at Our Doorstep

Often during talk radio interviews I am asked, “Who is The Devil at Our Doorstep, is it the SEIU?” I love the question, because it provides the opportunity to explain that the “devil” in my book The Devil at Our Doorstep is actually a coalition of groups from the liberal left. This includes George Soros and his Media Matters group, liberal Democrats, remnants of ACORN, environmentalists, gun control advocates, and of course, Big Labor’s Gasping Dinosaurs. The collective agenda of these groups is The Taking of American Freedoms! People are immediately surprised as they surmise that the book is only about unions and the tactics they utilize to force unionize employees and employers in an attempt to stave off their own extinction. Most are appalled when they find that the ultimate objective of this coalition, which includes the Democratic Party, extending all the way to the White House, is to fundamentally transform America from a capitalist free market economy to a socialist economy. These groups rely on power and control, and with their Big Labor buddies providing funding through massive donations using money generated from members’ dues, they continue to remain in power and avoid extinction! In return, the Big Labor bosses need the Democratic Party in power to make sure they procure sweetheart government collective bargaining agreements and favorable laws and regulations to advance union growth!


These groups are parasitic, living off of forced membership dues submitted to unions who, in turn, utilize these monies to elect liberal Democratic politicians, who then pass laws, propose new regulations, reverse decisions and issue Executive Orders. All of this benefits the group and allows them to collect more money and to gain power. In effect, it is a circular money pump that allows the parasite to survive off the host, i.e. the American people. Americans have not awakened to the fact that this group is taking advantage of them and is propelling the future of this great country towards destruction! This is the destiny that President John F. Kennedy initiated with an Executive Order in 1962, allowing unionization of public employees to help finance the Democratic Party.

Interestingly, the Republican Party and conservatives in general have allowed Democrats – this Administration in particular – to not only perpetuate its agenda, but to secure another term for arguably the most inept President in American history. Liberal pundits and followers don’t want to hear about the President’s ineptitude, but instead choose only to push the admittedly glowing, but shallow rhetoric of the more-often-than- not absent Commander in Chief. However, one must give the “Puppeteer” kudos, as he has effectively learned and executed the Alinsky, his master’s, style known as a Death by a Thousand Cuts campaign. They were successfully utilized against clueless conservatives, despite being nothing more than a mouthpiece. This was blatantly evident as chronicled in the article Romney and GOP Steamrolled by Big Labor Corporate Campaign.  The fact that Romney, John Boehner and the Republican controlled House of Representatives caved to the President’s attack campaign and later to the desires of Obama’s progressive friends during the so called “fiscal cliff” debate came as no surprise and was, in fact, inevitable.

The Republican Party refuses to recognize that the rules of the game have changed. They are living in the past. They fail to recognize that The SEIU’s “Persuasion of Power” and the Democratic Party in concert with George Soros (see It’s Not Easy Being God) and others have teamed up to intimidate Republican Conservatives through misinformation and propaganda as outlined in The Socialist Mind Game. Yet Republicans continue to allow this charade! Identical to tactics seen in the SEIU’s Corporate Campaigns, this type of campaign can only be countered by standing up for your beliefs and fighting back!  Conservatives must learn to utilize the Rules of Obama Power War against the President and his liberal backers if they are ever going to regain control! They must recognize it is time to stop being the “nice guys” who do not want to offend anyone and go on the offensive. They have to fight fire with fire and inform the American public of the truth! As I learned, when you take this position, people will listen and understand that they are being manipulated by those without their best interest in mind! Many of the middle class Obama claims to protect are already learning this as they see their paychecks shrink after the president sold them down the drain in the “fiscal cliff” debate as related in Obama Supporters SHOCKED, ANGRY Over Tax Increases. The Republican politicians need to pound this message home!

The problem with the current slate of Republican politicians, as writer Paul Hollrah so eloquently expressed, is A Failure to Communicate! The GOP has Become its Own Worst Enemy! They don’t think they can play the bully card, because the mainstream media is in Obama’s camp. Although this may be accurate, this should not prevent them from utilizing a “big tent” approach to reach Americans and educate them by exposing the Administration’s misinformation and lies. They must firmly place America’s current fiscal problems at the feet of the President and expose that He Is What He Despises!  Conservatives must illustrate his socialistic agenda and explain that The Problem with Socialism is Socialism, all while using professionalism, ethics and integrity. After applying this approach against the SEIU in the face of overwhelming odds and emerging victorious, I feel confident that this strategy will produce results!


Republicans should be Burying Obama in Investigations into his conduct. They must be willing to expose his Rule by Fiat, utilizing his own tactics against him and his supporters at every opportunity. Each of them, not just the Speaker of the House, must be willing to embrace any and every opportunity to expose the socialist agenda of this inept President, as captured by author Joy Tiz in Obamanutz! Conservatives everywhere must combine their resources to put the opposition on the defensive and wake up the American people to the lies being perpetrated against them. They must demand that America Needs an Effective Leader, Not a Politician! Then, and only then, will they begin to make progress towards taking our country back. Now is the time to act, before the “devil” is successful with its agenda, Taking American Freedoms!


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2 responses to “Identifying the Devil at Our Doorstep

  1. Dave Radestky

    I think you make good points but I’d like to challenge them a little. While I do believe that the Republican Party has dropped the ball, I don’t lay the blame at the conservatives feet. I lay it at the feet of the establishment country club Republicans that have given us such candidates as John McCain, Mitt Romney, Bob Dole, etc. They are not conservatives and them and those like them have been so worried about holding on to power that they’ve become nothing but compromisers. I think the Republican Party needs to become more conservative or conservatives need to seriously consider that it may be time to start a new party.

    As for Obama, I wonder if he’s inept or maybe he’s actually intent on destroying the American economic system of capitalism. One can appear incompetent, possibly even as a ploy to confuse others, and really be deviously planning something. In this case that “something” that he may be planning is destruction of capitalism to bring in his goals he learned from Alinksy to replace capitalism with marxism.

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