Rarely is a book so timely, accurate in assessing the dangers, and succinct in its message, so as to provide its readers the necessary information and direction to change the course of history and save their beloved country. Sound far fetched? It is not!

In Obamanutz, author Joy Tiz, a native Chicagoan with a Masters degree in Psychology and a Doctorate in Law, understands all too well the Chicago machine that was foisted upon the American Public under the guise of Barack Obama in the 2008 election. Her latest book gets to the heart and soul of the man and the machine behind him and why it could be the ruin of America. She looks at the events that allowed the American people to become captivated with a man who, though intelligent and eloquent, is ill-prepared and unqualified to be the President of the United States, a country he learned to despise from his anti-American relationships and upbringing that taught him the American way of life is wrong!

America did not elect a new president on November 4th, 2008 – America enabled a cult leader to take over the White House. A man with no executive experience, deeply disturbing associations and gaping holes in his history was elevated to the highest office in the land – not based on merit, but simply by the force of mass movement.”

Ms. Tiz closely examines the President’s rise to power as a Cult Leader with the support of the mainstream media, unions like the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), special interest groups such as ACORN and radical groups funded by the likes of George Soros and the Ford Foundation. She depicts how the President’s charisma captured the hearts and souls of many Americans discontent with the status quo of the time and how his message was aimed at vulnerable audiences, much like the SEIU did when it targeted certain more vulnerable employees in the organizational campaign against my company. The unions are masters of this technique, and it is no wonder the Obama machine used the same methods, since the President himself has admitted he was once part of the SEIU organizing effort!

“Recall from Hoffer’s work that a population vulnerable to take over is one that is discontent. If things are not really so bad, it’s the cult leaders job to convince you they are far worse than you could ever know.”

Obamanutz exposes the strategies the President and his supporters learned through their long association with radicals like Saul Alinsky and with union organizers. The parallels between the SEIU’s corporate campaign against my company and the Presidents’ election campaign and political agenda are unmistakable. Despite his claims of being bipartisan and a unifier, his game plan and objectives are quite the opposite. Much like the unions and liberal left, Obama employs the age old technique of “divide and conquer!”

“Liberals relish assigning humans to groups which they then anoint with special victim status for the purpose of being used in their destructive power schemes.

“Race and class warfare are liberal contrivances. As Obama and the Pelosi/Reid cabal attempt to ram socialism down the collective American throat, note the anti-success, anti-capitalist bombast. Obama would have you believe that successful people can only achieve success by plundering the less prosperous. This is the grand deception upon which all forms of collectivism balance.”

“Misfits are often the first to be attracted to a mass movement. The radical left always tries to win over the least productive among us with promise of government freebies.”

Joy exposes the truth behind this administration’s agenda, which, like that of many of today’s unions, is merely to perpetuate their own existence as well as their thirst for power and money. They would like you to believe their goals are altruistic when in reality they are self serving to meet their own twisted objectives.

“Radicals don’t become radical because they have laudable goals to help their fellow man. They become radicals because they have various forms of mental disorders that lend themselves to acting out. In other words, for the majority of radical extremists, the means justify the ends.”

Ms. Tiz also provides insight as to how the country can survive and what may be expected of our current leader if his initiatives continue to fail or are rejected. Her advice is to directly challenge the administration, beat it at its own game and reach out to all people, not just the loyal conservatives.

“Directly challenging the true believer makes him dig his heels in deeper. The one truth about cults or mass movements is that the outcome depends on the character of the leader. They often end badly.”

“Tyrants and messiahs never take responsibility for the damage they do. When a messianic leader is faced with failure, his tendency is to castigate the people or his political opposition, or the media as evil and to continue on unmoved and bring his country down with him.”

Joy captures the essence of our current leader and state of affairs in the United States. I strongly encourage you to buy this book now, and make sure everyone you know is aware of it and reads it before the November 2010 elections. It just may be the last chance to save our country from the road to destruction.

I learned about the goals and techniques of the radical socialist agenda through hard knocks from the SEIU’s Corporate Campaign against my company. Joy nails it. You can learn from her, without experiencing my pain, in this incisive book which is a must-read for every American. Please read more at www.joytiz.com!


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2 responses to “Obamanutz!

  1. Elmer Borneman

    Until the mainstream media “wises up” and removes their “blinders” those on the right will have a difficult time bringing the masses (voters) to their cause come November 2010. But, the nations is stirring, you can only fool the people for some of the time and then the “report card” is there for all to see.

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