America Needs an Effective Leader, Not a Politician!

President Obama’s lack of business management experience, as discussed in my previous blog, He Is What He Despises, is manifesting itself once again to the detriment of the American people. Instead of doing what any competent business owner would do when faced with declining revenues and a sagging economy, this President instead resorts to the only things he knows, politics and big labor thuggery. Implicit in his recent threat, as detailed in I Cannot Guarantee Social Security Checks will be Mailed if Debt Deal not Reached, is that the Republicans will be responsible if social security recipients do not receive their checks. This misinformation is typical of the tactics utilized by a trained union / community organizer, such as the President, in an attempt to isolate and force the target to capitulate. EMS experienced these types of attacks, threats and misinformation on a daily basis as chronicled in The Devil at My Doorstep.

The truth is the President has no concept of how to handle the situation nor does he care. In fact, his master plan is to “overwhelm the system” as espoused by Cloward and Piven as a means of collapsing the government (see Overwhelming the System).  Allowing Americans to become even more dependent upon the government through redistribution of wealth, massive government programs, class warfare and entitlement programs that lead to potential default are all part of the road to socialism.

America deserves a leader who instead of spouting rhetoric rolls up his sleeves and makes the difficult decisions rather than blaming others (see blogs The Problem with Socialism is Socialism and America Deserves More than Class Warfare).  As Dr. Matt Will, Professor of Finance at Indianapolis University succinctly articulates below, there is no reason to raise the debt limit:

Political and Financial Reality

“It is now a game of chicken. The president has revenue coming in to make debt payments. There is no reason for a default to occur! The question is, will he make his debt payments or send out welfare/social security/etc. checks? My guess is he will default on the debt, blame it on the Republicans and send out government checks to recipients. While it ultimately is his decision to default, the media has successfully painted the Republicans as the bad guys on the default issue and they will take the blame. Revenue exists to make all debt payments, WITHOUT a debt ceiling increase. Like a family on a tight budget, the president has all his bills sitting on the kitchen table. He will decide what to pay. I suspect he will make the political decision and not the ethical decision.”

America deserves and needs a leader who is for America and not a political philosophy or personal political gains as discussed by Charles Krauthammer in today’s article It’s Time to Call Obama’s Bluff on the Debt Celing. A leader who is intent on cleaning up corruption as exposed by Wayne Allen Root in today’s article Mr. Obama, Tear Down Your Debt Ceiling. A leader who understands that reducing government spending and borrowing, growing the economy, creating jobs and removing government regulation are key to several crucial steps previously outlined in  Restoring America’s Prosperity. Unfortunately this President, unlike successful business owners, has no former training, experience or family background to draw upon in solving the current economic situation, even if had an inclination to do so!


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