Has the “Puppet” Lost the Fire in the Belly?

As a manger of people for 38 years, I have learned that body language often provides more insight into a person’s soul than what they say. This is as true in politics as it is business.  Author and economist Thomas Sowell remarked in his three part article about Obama (see Obama Versus Obama). “To understand him you need to watch what he is doing and not listen to his words,” writes Sowell. Watching the first Presidential debate between President Obama and Governor Romney, it was apparent that the President was disenfranchised from the whole process. He rarely looked up, and when he did it was only for a short period of time. Occasionally he flashed his famous smile, but it was short lived and seemed to give way to an irritated scowl. It was a picture of a man who seemed uncomfortable and unhappy in his role; of a man who had lost the fire in the belly a mentality necessary to be competitive and win! This was a picture of a narcissist tired of being manipulated!

In contrast, Romney was personable, charismatic, and confidently on the offense. His ad lib responses to the President’s structured comments provided a stark contrast between the candidates. The President’s statement that businesses “received an incentive to outsource jobs overseas” was met with an immediate response from Romney that maybe he needed to find a new accountant, but in 25 years in business he had never heard of such a provision! This response and his rebuttal of Obama’s “trickle down government” were met with the famous Obama scowl and no response. The President rarely looked Romney in the eye, but preferred to look down and to the right. It was as if Romney was debating an empty chair. A chair with no fire in its belly!

As the debate continued the President made several more gaffes, most of which Romney capitalized on with immediate and direct, but professional, rebuttal.  A perfect example was when Obama attacked Exxon Mobile for receiving 25 million in annual tax breaks. Romney countered that it would take 50 years for that to match the $ 90 billion the president sunk into now bankrupt Solendra in one year! Touché! Romney should have questioned why, if the tax breaks were so onerous, Obama hadn’t repealed the deduction during his term rather than bailing out G.M. and forcing Obamacare through Congress.

On the topic of health care, Romney scored big when he commented that, unlike Obama, he reached across the table and got bipartisan support from a legislature which was comprised of 87% Democrats. Imagine Bipartisanship: A New Winning Issue.

The President made additional comments relating to union organization, that I would have liked to seen Romney seize upon. Obama once attacked private jet owners with the comment if they could afford jets they could afford to pay more taxes. The incredulous comment by the President threw union members/jobs under the bus and Romney did not capitalize on it! Most private jet manufacturers have suffered the loss of significant revenues since Obama first attacked the industry during the G.M. bailout in 2009 and subsequently have had thousand of employees laid off who are union members! He just attacked the industry again and got a pass from the media. Big Labor bosses should be howling, but instead remain quiet as members suffer, because they have reaped significant political benefits from this Administration, such as increased NLRB and DOL regulations on businesses intended to achieve Card Check.

The President made another gaffe that again threw his union brethren under the bus, but few if any caught the misstep! While defending Obamacare, a term by the way Obama said he had come to enjoy and, he applauded health care providers like the Cleveland Clinic, who were providing high quality health care while making it more affordable for all. Evidently Obama did not realize the Cleveland Clinic is predominantly non-union, which is a major reason its services are more productive and affordable!

Regardless of How The Media Is Trying To Spin The Debate  it cannot cover up such gaffes from a man who has lost the fire in his belly! A man who has all type of excuses made for his performance, but in reality is tired of being handled, which begs the real question. Is the president the Puppet or Puppeteer? I would suggest the Puppet! His legion of unconfirmed Czars and frequent White House visitors such as George Soros, Andy Stern, Richard Trumpka and others supports the hypothesis!

If the debate had been a football game it was easily Romney by two touchdowns. However,one has to believe somehow the President will rekindle the fire. Romney needs to Get Ready for Chicago Rules and Big Labor Corporate Campaigns tactics, which are sure to be utilized the last month of the presidential campaign and during the debates. Romney must expose these tactics as misinformation, propaganda and intimidation while enlightening the American Public. Doing so will put the President on the defensive. Romney must expose areas that were not discussed during the first debate or in previous Romney campaign speeches or political ads, such as the massive use of regulation changes at agencies like the EPA, DOL, NLRB and others designed to achieve “sustainability,” a term thought to promote a green environment, but which in reality is nothing more than a means of imposing government control while achieving so called “economic and social justice.”

There is no doubt Mitt Romney is the Smartest Guy in the Room. However, he must continue to expose the real Obama, his agenda, and his past and current associations and their vision for America. He must also continue to detail his plans for Restoring America’s Prosperity!   He made a good start by proposing opening up America to gas and oil exploration and drilling, balancing the budget and simplifying the tax code, but he must continue to build upon these crucial steps and propose others! Romney can’t rest on his laurels he must continue on the offensive and make Obama play defense. He must make Obama look ineffective and unable to respond without use of his handler’s props!


It is time for Romney to convince America, We are at War! Armageddon is at Hand! Please Wake up and vote “NO” to Obama and his SEIU and other handlers on November 6, 2012! If he continually presses the offensive and puts Obama on the defensive he will expose them for what they are and discover a diminishing fire in the belly of either the Puppet or Puppeteer.  As learned during the SEIU’s Corporate Campaign against EMS and chronicled in The Devil at Our Doorstep. When you expose the lefts tactics and misinformation they no longer have the will or desire to continue, because they are incapable of competing fairly on a level playing field.  Hence, every time the Obama campaign claims Romney is Lying  it must be addressed immediately and head on! Just as Ralphie learned in the movie “A Christmas Story,” the bully only understands and responds to the punch in the nose! Go get him Mitt, America is at the tipping point!


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