Biden the Bully

Joe Biden is a man that few employers would hire. The reason was on display this past Tuesday night as Biden’s response to any of Paul Ryan’s comments was blatant disrespect. If it wasn’t the haunting laugh, it was spewing of misinformation, bad manners, talking over his opponent and inappropriate facial expressions. By one media source’s account, Biden totaled 82 interruptions! This routine did nothing but make Biden look like an ignorant and condescending clown. This is obviously the reason he has been in politics for virtually his entire career. Biden’s career is much like that of Andy Stern, former president of the SEIU, who likewise could never make it in private practice or in the private sector.

Like Andy Stern and the SEIU’s Persuasion of Power , Biden’s tactics against Ryan were typical attempts to bully the target until it is totally discredited in the public’s eye and succumbs. This is what Romney can expect to face down the stretch of the 2012 Presidential campaign! As detailed in The Devil at Our Doorstep, Romney can expect the tactics of vicious Corporate Campaigns employed by Big Labor against unsuspecting businesses, to be used in the last few weeks to eviscerate Romney during the debates and on the campaign stump! Romney better be ready and remain on the offensive this Tuesday night to counter the inevitable bullying!

The reason to expect such tactics is very simple. Much like Biden and the Big Labor bosses, Obama has nothing to sell, nothing to run on. Like today’s Big Labor Gasping Dinosaurs the President and his V.P must rely on discrediting the opponent’s character and create an unlevel playing field to have a chance at success. In fact if the truth was known, they would much prefer that a secret ballot election did not exist and a system such as “card check” be imposed for political elections (see “Card Check through Regulation vs. Legislation”). A program similar to what the president is attempting to accomplish for union recognition for his union buddies through the NLRB (see “Rogue NLRB”). Given his past disregard for the U.S. Constitution, the separation of powers, and the rule of law, it would not be surprising if Obama is re-elected to see him attempt to Rule by Fiat by pushing the eliminate presidential term limits and secret ballot political elections through Executive Order and departmental regulation changes to in effect establish a totalitarian government.

In Vetting Obama’s Political Tactics, it is very easy for a rational human being to understand why President and his V.P. Joe Biden must resort to “Alinsky” style Death by a Thousand Cuts tactics. Simply replay the Vice Presidential debate in your mind, or go on line and watch video of the evening’s events (see Laughing at the Issues), then ask yourself how could this man ever have been selected to be Vice President of the United States of America? Then ask yourself who hired him. If you are honest with yourself, whether Democrat or Republican, you will pull the Romney/Ryan lever on November 6, 2012 and not Obama the “Puppet / “Biden the Bully” lever!


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4 responses to “Biden the Bully

  1. Who we need to convince is not Obama supports; but those of us who believe in Free SPEECH & Free Market that the only language the day to day public employees understand is sadly class warfare.
    We need to take our fight to their level, to the street

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