Beware the Lame Duck!

At first blush most Americans would be wary of a lame duck. However, Americans should be terrified of the soon-to-be liberal lame duck Congress. As succinctly pointed out in the articles linked below, this will be the last chance for this Congress to push through the sweeping legislation intended to push the United States into irreversible European socialism. Such legislation includes increased taxation, environmental “Cap and Trade” legislation, mandatory public unions for police and firefighters, government control of the financial industry, health care overhaul, and my favorite, the Employee Free Choice Act (Card Check).  All of the foregoing, which  contain union paybacks, have been/will  be presented in a typical “Overwhelm the System” union style Corporate Campaign against the Constitution and American people!

 Before you brush this off as conspiracy theory please let me explain how I believe the Congress will reward Big Labor with Card Check and no one will ever be the wiser until it is the law (including the conservative legislators who are naively fooled by the language and intent).Big Labor and their liberal supporters in congress understand that Card Check in its present form is unacceptable to the American people. Elimination of the secret ballot election and imposition of mandatory arbitration will not receive enough support to pass. However, the most coveted provision by big labor, employer fines for “unfair labor practices” can be wrapped in a package that seems reasonable to many of our naïve members of congress.

 Employer fines will be presented as a means to protect employees interested in union representation from being intimidated and harassed by big bad business into remaining silent. What could be more fair and reasonable than punishing wrongdoers? Well, here is the truth about what will really occur if this onerous provision is buried like a Trojan horse in some unrelated bill and is passed!

 The bill will most likely carry a fine of $ 20,000 for each Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) upheld by the National Relation Board (NLRB), and treble reimbursement in back pay. Unions know that an already pro-union NLRB now fortified with two radical members, Craig Becker (former SEIU attorney recess appointed by Obama) and Mark Pierce (former Teamsters attorney) will assure union ULP’s will be afforded the lowest possible threshold for enforcement.

 Unions knowing they now have an even more (almost insurmountable) playing field in their favor will mount corporate campaigns against businesses with never seen before intensity. ULP’s,  which are part of these “Death by a Thousand Cuts” campaigns, will be filed indiscriminately and prolifically against employers. The NLRB will uphold a significant number and employers will be faced with horrific fines and a potentially crippling financial crisis.

 The unions will come riding in and say to employers, “we have the elixir to make all of your pain disappear.” All employers have to do is sign a Neutrality Agreement. The Neutrality Agreement, which is the genesis of Card Check eliminates the secret ballot election, institutes card check, places a gag on the employer, contains arbitration language and, to top it off, requires employers to provide a list of all their employees names and home addresses. Gee, what would they do with that information? Certainly they wouldn’t go to employees homes and intimidate and harass them into signing union cards. No, not the benign laid back union organizers.

 Now, the unions have everything they want and more and all it took was to convince naïve members of Congress that employers were bad and employees needed to be protected by inserting one small onerous provision in a non-related bill. A provision that will open up the floodgates to employer and employee subjugation to the unions! Remember this will happen no matter how you vote in November, because this is a major priority of the liberal Lame Duck Congress and the current Administration. They believe the time to pass their agendas are after the election when the American people are no longer watching!

 If the liberals are planning such a deceptive tactic to enforce Card Check, what type horrific language is buried in the language of the other bills mentioned above that will be Administration priorities and destructive to the American economy and jobs . Don’t be naïve! Just as the Administration did with Health Care, they will spread misinformation and propaganda to the American people and harass, intimidate, coerce, pressure and threaten our lawmakers until they capitulate. The same type of corporate campaign tactics the President and his cronies learned from their days supporting the SEIU.

 Please read the articles below and start informing your congressional constituents  that no provision of the Employee Free Choice Act (Card Check) must be passed. Enlighten them and apply  pressure to keep their backbones straight and rigid! November is important, but the lame duck period is crucial! No, it is critical!,_unions_eye_the_private_sector,_while_our_cities__states_foot_the_bill


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