Unions versus Business Obama-Style

Having survived the ordeal of a Corporate Campaign at the hands of President Obama’s favorite union, the SEIU, it’s not hard for me to visualize the same type of roughshod campaign the President is running against the American people. The President is utilizing the same tactic of overwhelming the system, knowing very well that many of his initiatives will go unnoticed and further his stranglehold on the American people and the business community. Fortunately, these actions are not only opposed by businesses, but by most employees and Americans. According to polls, even the majority of union employees oppose elimination of the Secret Ballot Election and forced unionism.

Despite the desire of the majority of Americans, the President seems intent on implementing his own ideology and  providing the unions payback for their 2008 Campaign support! He does not seem to understand or care that these actions will reduce the competitiveness of American business and result in additional job losses and higher unemployment. Ultimately, no one (not even the unions) win under this scenario. Unions need to learn how to be competitive themselves, instead of depending on political favors and power to survive. If they can’t, they deserve the fate of dinosaurs!

Unions continue to rationalize their lack of growth, disingenuously, as directly resulting from business’ advantage under the law. In fact, the truth is quite the opposite. I can attest from my SEIU Corporate Campaign experiences that the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) not only favors  unions, but goes out of its way to support union objectives. Further, statistics prove favoritism shown by the NLRB towards labor unions. The following articles illustrate succinctly that politics, not union ingenuity or a marketable product, are the unions’ blueprint for survival. Due to their heavy financial investment into the election of the Obama Administration, labor expects, and is receiving, help from the heavy hand of the President, who is changing the rules of the game in favor of big labor.






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