Reprise: Do what I say Not what I do!

 The May 19th Devil at My Doorstep Blog discussed the unions unbelievably hypocritical practice of utilizing non-union casual labor (IRS allows up to $ 600 cash payments annually without reporting the income for tax purposes) to picket and “smear” targeted companies for what the unions consider low pay! The pay, however, is often lower than that provided by the company targeted, sometimes is a flat daily rate and is  normally at minimum wage and well below the elusive “Living Wage” unions and their supporters espouse!

During the SEIU’s Corporate Campaign against EMS, residents from the local Wheeler Mission were allegedly hired by the SEIU to picket in front of  EMS’s customers buildings in downtown Indianapolis. This practice was discovered when a customer queried a picketer about his knowledge of what he was picketing against. The picketer’s response was that he had no idea he was just hired for cash for the day to carry the sign and chant! Can you imagine what would happen if a business pulled such a stunt on the union or another business?

Well, the unions continue to use the practice and continue to rationalize they are providing a public service by hiring the unemployed. Unbelievable when the ends justify the means, please read the May 19th blog and the article below for an update on the unions latest shenanigans!


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  1. Onion Labor

    Each homeless person received $20, but was credited for earning $40. The union had to take $20 out for dues!

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