Who Is Really Running the Country?

It appears Jimmy Hoffa Jr. is attempting to fill his father’s footsteps or, perhaps even more concerning, replace the SEIU as the principle influence behind the White House. At a Labor Day speech on Monday, he displayed his true colors, and in by doing so showed just how desperate the Gasping Dinosaurs have become. Although it is concerning that Jimmy Hoffa orders a hit on the Tea Party, it is even more concerning that our President, who was present, has yet to release a statement condemning Hoffa’s statement and his call to war. Furthermore, when confronted with Hoffa’s comments, Democrat National Chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz refused to denounce them as inappropriate and un-American.

It is apparent that the President and the Democratic Party are so desperate that they are willing to divide America to achieve re-election for Obama. The above comments, combined with similar comments fromVice President Biden while speaking at an AFL-CIO event in Cincinnati, make it apparent that this administration realizes its only chance is to rally behind big labor. They must provide labor with their most relished prize, card check, either through legislative means or through regulatory action, so they can rapidly force unionize employees across the country and turn the employee dues into campaign dollars to re-elect President Obama (see Puppet or Puppeteer). It is apparent that the puppet Obama Admits to Favoring Big Labor and places his Political Aspirations & Payback Ahead of American Jobs.

Just as amazing is that an organization like the SEIU continues to remain below the radar of the mainstream media and the American conscience! Despite the fact the SEIU is embattled on many fronts and clearly does not represent mainstream America, it continues to hold considerable sway within the Obama Administration. The following collection of articles and videos are the most recent stories of alleged SEIU corruption, or, as Mr. Stern would like to say, SEIU’s “Persuasion of Power.”

One would think that President Obama would counsel such radical groups to tone down the rhetoric, especially with the upcoming election. However, it appears he is comfortable being associated with a group that is being investigated for its terrorist ties, internal financial corruption, questionable political cash contributions, interference with the Arizona Immigration law and intimidation of its own employees in the union elections at Kaiser Permanente. Some would assume President Obama would be distancing himself as much as possible from this, but it is not necessary as long as the media refuses to connect the dots and present the entire picture to the American people! Consider for a moment how a business would be excoriated if it were involved in such activities! Maybe it’s because the President has instructed the media to ignore these outrages, or maybe it’s because the President has received a personal persuasion of power from the SEIU and other big labor bosses! Are these the people we want running our country? Please pass this on as the American public needs to realize what is happening before November 2nd, 2011! It’s obvious the mainstream media won’t print it!

Obama and the SEIU Sittin in a Tree

Hoffa Threatens GOP at Obama Event: “Take These Son Of Bitches Out”

FBI Raids Home of Chicago SEIU Leader in International Terrorism Sweep 

 Big Labor and Terrorism: Is There a Connection?

FBI Questioning Ex-SEIU President Andy Stern

Former LA Labor Leader Investigated

Typical SEIU Political Cash Questioned

Shame on SEIU Fat Cats


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