Puppet or Puppeteer?

Think of all the pro-union initiatives at all levels of Federal government this past year then read the article by Lowell Ponte. Was Lowell a lucky prognosticator or did he have his facts right? Read the initiatives below and then the article and make your own decision!

1.) Executive Order allowing D.O.L. to reduce or eliminate union financial reporting

2.) Executive Order allowing D.O.L rule to require businesses to report financial cost of outside consultants, lawyers or meetings with employees by management or supervision concerning union organizing activities. http://lrionline.com/efca-update-8

3.) Recess appointment of Craig Becker and Mark Pierce to the Board of the NLRB after Senate rejection.

4.) Health Care reform, which will directly benefit public unions and indirectly unions such as the SEIU who organize Nurses and other medical employees in private facilities that receive some re-imbursements for Medicaid and Medicare.

5.) Executive Order requiring posting of employees right to organize by all contractors doing business with the Federal Government. Also Executive Order that all Federal Contracts must have a prevailing Wage Clause.

6.) Senator Bob Casey’s ” Create Jobs and Save Benefits Act”, which is no more than a union pension fund bailout. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052702303491304575188263180553530.html

7.) Immigration reform, which will most likely provide amnesty and plenty of potential members for unions like the SEIU.

8.) EFCA or some part of EFCA, probably attached to a jobs bill is also coming! http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/Warning_-Card-check-isn_t-dead-93021969.html

9.) The administration is pursuing union objectives, an attempt is being made to add an amendment to a federal supplemental appropriations bill that would force every state or city government to collectively bargain with all “public safety employees,” creating a federalized collective bargaining system. http://lrionline.com/efca-update-8

Who Really is in Charge at the White House?

Please read Lowell’s 2004 predictions in the article below!


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