He Continues to Be What He Claims to Despise!

Ironically, President Obama is exactly what he despises and rails against. Whether you like him and support him, or dislike him and oppose him, and whether you are a Democrat, an Independent, a Libertarian or a Republican, when one honestly evaluates his abilities and record to date, the conclusion is inevitable. He is a poor leader and a bad manager who has little concern for the people’s will. He is self-centered and intent on achieving his idealistic goals and saving face at the expense of others. His only concern is re-election and his new jobs bill is no more than a setup designed to blast the Republicans when they don’t pass it.  He knew from the very beginning that the bill would never pass, nor did he want it to! One can hear the obstructionist campaign rhetoric now: “The Republicans blocked my bill and kept unemployment high in order to defeat me at the expense of American jobs”. In his typical narcissistic manner the President demanded the ill conceived bill be passed. He has little regard as to how his decisions and policies affect others. He expects people to believe him just because he says it is so. When they don’t, he becomes agitated and exercises intimidation, pressure, threats, and coercion to achieve his goals. Sound like a manager or owner whose company unions would like to organize? The truth is he would be the perfect target!

Despite the fact he is an avowed supporter of social reform and forced unionism, altruistically to protect employee rights from supposed oppressive top down management he is guilty of the exact sins he decries. Evaluating his handling of the major issues of his presidency, it is apparent that not only does he not listen to the will of the American people, but he is intent on achieving his goals at almost any cost. This was true with the health care bill, the failed stimulus bill, and now the so called jobs bill. He believes Americans should agree Arizona’s Immigration bill or any immigration bill is wrong because he says so. He continues to write Executive Orders to facilitate unionization of all businesses and employees. He continues to force financial reform at the cost of the economy, preaches openness and transparency and displays little of either, and promotes class war with his job bills and appoints nominees to the NLRB and the Courts to rewrite NLRA law and re-interpret the constitution. He continues to press his agenda at the expense of this great nation and its people, while ignoring pressing issues such as national security, unsustainable budgets, rising national debt, and high unemployment. He cares little about the loss of jobs, because in his mind the more people that are on entitlements, like unemployment, the more that will vote for him in 2012. The truth is the President has no concept of how to handle the situation nor does he care. In fact, his master plan is to “overwhelm the system” as espoused by Cloward and Piven as a means of collapsing the government (see Overwhelming the System).  Allowing Americans to become even more dependent upon the government through redistribution of wealth, massive government programs, class warfare and entitlement programs that lead to potential default are all part of the road to socialism

We should not be surprised, that a man with such charisma and oratory skills is no more than a product of his relationships and past experience, or lack thereof! After all, he has never managed as much as a lemonade stand. Most of his life has been spent as a community and/or a union organizer, which requires little management skill, but is long on propaganda, intimidation, misinformation, pressure, threats, and coercion to achieve goals. His exposure to management has been from close friend and ally, Andy Stern, who has been accused by employees within his own union (SEIU) of heavy-handed top down management. Other than Andy’s example, he has no past experience or education which would provide him with the successful management and leadership skills necessary to run and maintain a successful long term organization.

His views are shaped by his clergy (Rev. Wright) friends (Bill Ayres) and big labor (SEIU) who embrace Saul Alinsky’s rules for radicals (see Summary of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals) and unions Corporate Campaign philosophies of overwhelming the system creating fear and intimidation. No wonder he only understands imposing his will on others! He was supposed to be competent, but sadly even if he was so inclined, cannot meet the call. The following articles do a nice job of exposing his incompetency, his superficial goals and his dependency on big labor to survive!

He was Supposed to Be Competent

Michael Barone: Michael Barone

Obama Doesn’t Have a Clue

The Silence of the Lambs

The Phony War on Unemployment

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