Illegal Immigration: Dividing America!

Although Illegal Immigration and the related Misclassification of Workers are tough issues, they can be addressed and rectified to eliminate the tragic impact they have on all Americans and politics in this country!  We must embrace practical solutions to assist all Americans to move forward and reduce the strain on government social programs and budgets! We can no longer tolerate the fact that we have those among us who are not legal residents. However, America must provide a firm but compassionate means of resolving a problem that has simmered much to long — a problem that has been exploited along racial, social and political lines for personal gain that should not be tolerated.  Provided below are some bullet points on cause and effect, as well as potential remedies for this cancer that plagues America in many diverse ways. If these bullet points stimulate your interest, I encourage you to review the attached PowerPoint, which I have presented to many business groups across Indiana in the past two years. It provides a more in-depth review of the causes, effects and remedies for the Illegal Immigration Dilemma!


Cause and Effect:

 1.) The United States government has caused the current crisis by failing to enforce its own laws and thereby allowing illegal immigrants access to certain “entitlements,” such as welfare, free/cheap health care, and free education.  We do not need to erect walls or pass new laws to slow the desire for people to migrate across our borders. Rather, the government needs to show its intention to enforce the current laws.

 2.) The current problem is one of supply and demand. The United States provides opportunities unavailable in underdeveloped nations, and those countries have a supply of persons seeking to avail themselves of such opportunities.

 3.) Illegal immigration hurts American employees, American businesses and the United States Government. It artificially drives down wages for legal Americans, creates unlevel playing fields due to businesses who circumvent the law, drives up costs for government programs (which adds to deficits), requires tax increases to cover additional costs, increases crime and drug trafficking, encourages misclassification of workers (which reduces government tax revenues), strains social systems, and skews the political system.

 4.) This is not a social issue; it is a political issue. The number of potential voters could adversely skew the political landscape for generations. Many politicians use this issue for the personal selfish interest of remaining in office instead of doing what is right for the American people! The President and many politicians are disingenuously using this as a social issue when it is no more than ploy to lure millions of voters for personal gain.

 5.) Illegals are taken advantage of and live in constant fear of being discovered!

 6.) Supporting illegal immigration encourages corruption of our current laws and legislative process. The current Administration, just as it is doing with its labor law initiatives, is attempting to bypass the legislative process and re-write regulations to allow amnesty for current illegal immigrants for political and agenda purposes!

 7.) This issue is being utilized to politically divide this country through race discrimination tactics. The truth is everyone, irrespective of race, national origin, religion or gender, needs to adhere to our laws and be a citizen of the United States of America to enjoy its benefits.

 8.) The lack of secure borders jeopardizes the security of our great nation in the face of modern day terrorism.

 Potential Remedies:

 1.) Even if United States enforcement agencies could locate them, the United States cannot afford to deport 12-14 million people!  Mass deportation is not an option.

 2.) To the extent the decision is made to secure our borders, that job should be left to the American Military.

 3.) Most people present illegally in the United States are good people and good workers looking for nothing more than their American Dream. They deserve a chance to become Americans. However, they must go through a rigorous process that assures they are eligible to become citizens, and the government enforcement agencies must be willing to enforce this requirement! This process must be streamlined and approval reduced to a reasonable time period.

 4.) In the interim, illegal aliens present in the United States must be required to register for work visas and adhere to federal, state and local laws. Furthermore, they should be held as ineligible for government-provided entitlements, such as welfare, health care and education, until they become citizens.

 5.) Federal, State and local laws with respect to immigration and hiring need to be enforced! This issue is being utilized to politically divide this country through race discrimination tactics. The truth is everyone irrespective of race, national origin, religion or gender needs to adhere to our laws and be a citizen of the United States of America to enjoy its benefits.

The plethora of attached articles addresses the breadth and divisiveness of illegal immigration and its negative effect on America! Please urge your representatives to quit using this as a political platform. Remember, we are a nation of laws! The laws and tools to enforce the laws are available to resolve this issue. The question is: Do we have the will, or are we too politically correct?

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