Senator Bayh True Colors Showing?

Since Senator Evan Bayh announced his retirement from the U.S. Senate, his support of big labor’s agenda has become more apparent. First, he supported the Obama administration’s appointment of radical member Craig Becker to the National Labor Relations Board, the government agency governing most labor relations matters.  Now Bayh has publicly come out in support of the Employee Free Choice Act (“EFCA” also known as “Card Check”), legislation which will deny workers the right to vote through a private ballot election, and which will lead to massive abuse and intimidation of workers by union organizers.

Bayh has taken this action despite assurances he previously made in personal meetings with Indiana businessmen that he would carefully consider the impact passage of EFCA would have on the economy, the business community and its employees, and resultant job loss. See the attached e-mail from Senator Bayh dated 8/11/2010, and compare it to the attached e-mail from 9/24/2007.

Bayh Email 9-24-2007

Bayh Email 8-11-2010

It appears he has decided to support his financial backers, which begs the question “If Bayh has removed himself from politics, why the sudden public support for EFCA?” Especially when most Americans believe unions mostly hurt the economy (see article below).

Could it be that he expects a lame duck vote in congress on EFCA after the November elections, or a rule change in the Senate to circumvent filibusters, despite his representations that EFCA will not come up this year. Please read following article!

Possibly he is preparing for a political run as Governor of Indiana, or for the White House in 2012, and is lining up financial support from his buddies. Maybe like White House favorite Andy Stern (former President of the Service Employees International Union), he is just preparing for a job behind the scenes with the current Administration. Whatever the reason, it appears political favor means more to him than the businesses and employees of this great country and his home State of Indiana. There is no credible evidence to support his statements in the 8/11/2010 e-mail that current NLRB law is broken. To the contrary, labor unions currently win about 64% of elections.

This is just another example of the dark side of politics and the need to have people in office with the best interest of all Americans in mind and not just the special interest groups that support them! Please contact Senator Bayh and tell him your feelings about Card Check and how it will it cost millions of American jobs!


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