Politics and Unions

Though this past weekend’s debate was calmer than previous debates, it was apparent the ABC moderators were not only intent on pitting the candidates against each other, but also making experience a point of focus. In both instances they succeeded, as exchanges between Christie and Rubio, Cruz and Carson, and Trump and Bush were definitely heated, and clearly exposed the lack of experience of certain candidates. While ABC focused on the lack of political experience, it was apparent that the most important experience is the ability to handle one’s self under pressure and understand that business and the free market economy, not government, drives what makes America great!

The truth is that no political candidate is going to have all of the answers on the breadth of issues – how to handle international events, potential terrorist threats, internal issues and the economy – until they are in office and have access to all the information. What is important is that they understand how the country and business works and how to use this information to make decisions that make America great again. In simple terms it will take a person not with political experience, but one with experience in growing a business and creating jobs through hard work, smart business practices, smart and firm negotiating, and relationship development, to reverse the downward spiral of this great country and attract people from all backgrounds to support them. It is apparent the American public agrees, as 48% of GOP Voters Prefer A Candidate Without Political Experience.

I recently met a black gentleman the day after the debate who was a member of the Tea Party Coalition supporting Ted Cruz. His comment on the debate was that Ted would capture a lot of the black male vote over Hillary if the race came down to those two, because black males do not want to see a female President with the kind of socialistic beliefs she and the current President represent. I told him about my book and blogs and how they expose President Obama and his socialistic agenda. He was immediately intrigued and asked for a signed copy of The Devil at Our Doorstep for himself and Ted Cruz, whom he will see in South Carolina next week, which I willingly provided.

Ted Cruz will be the second Republican front runner to receive a copy of my book, as Donald Trump has already received a copy. This gentleman was adamant that the right candidate could capture the vote of the African-American community if they were experienced enough doing so. This sentiment was recently echoed by Louisiana State senator Elbert Guillory who switched from the Democratic to Republican Party in 2013 and believes that liberalism is a modern day form of slavery. It enslaves Americans to be dependent on the government. In effect, it is all about control and buying/extorting votes (see VIDEO: Black Man Gives Stunning Explanation for Why He’s a Republican…You Need To See THIS!). Senator Guillory’s comments/beliefs are vividly revealed in my blog The Great Pretender Wants Control!

The largest group of supporters for this liberal movement – the American labor unions – who introduced the Death by a Thousand Cuts tactics used by big labor to liberal politicians in order to fundamentally transform America – realize the 2016 Election is the tipping point. Without the Democratic Party, Big Labor realizes it is headed toward extinction (see The Bleak Future of Unions).  Despite the fact that the current Administration has directed the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to restore union superiority through its procedural changes and regulatory authority, Big Labor faces extinction based on an upcoming Supreme Court decision (June 2016), as chronicled in Public Unions on the Precipice!

Extinction exists despite the regulations enacted by the NLRB in 2015 creating “ambush” elections on employers (see Beware The Ambush!), which led to More Union Wins in 2015 when U.S. Unions Added to Ranks in 2015 But Failed to Gain Market Share! Additionally, unions continued to lose market share in the private sector as exposed by the fact 48.9% of Union Members Worked for Government in 2015.

Undeniably, Big Labor bosses and liberals will continue the Death by a Thousand Cuts tactics in a desperate effort to win the 2016 Presidential Election and regain Democratic majority in the House and Senate. Big Labor, however, will first have to reach an agreement on who they support (see Unions Agree to Agree on their 2016 Presidential Candidate). This is currently in conflict as the SEIU has come out in favor of Hillary Clinton, while the AFL-CIO is still mum, because they don’t want another Obama!

At the end of the day, Big Labor and liberals will join at the hip and continue their socialistic/communistic agenda because they understand the basic concept Control Business, Control the Country.  American workers need a favorable decision by the Supreme Court in June, and all Americans need to wake up and elect a Commander in Chief in 2016 who will not only keep this nation safe from terrorism, but has business experience to utilize the free market in order to revive the economy, create jobs and make America great again, because The Problem with Socialism is Socialism!


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3 responses to “Politics and Unions

  1. Ray Titus

    Mr. Bego, It seems fairly clear, without you even coming out and saying it, that you are a Trump supporter. Your business background clearly makes you see the advantage to a businessman as our next president. Ted Cruz may read your book, but he’s still not eligible to hold the office. Only if the Supreme Court gives him a pass and decides to redefine “natural born” will he be legally able to be president. Cruz is also a fake and a liar who has successfully deceived many just as Barack Obama did when he was elected. If he does somehow get the nomination, and I doubt he will, he will lose the general election even without being stopped because of his eligibility problem.

    Donald Trump is the only hope for America. He’s not perfect, but he’s got answers that the other candidates don’t even understand. If we don’t elect him America is doomed. It’s as simple as that.

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