Control Business, Control the Country!

President Obama, Puppet or Puppeteer, knows the key to ultimately destroying free enterprise and establishing socialism is tight-fisted control of businesses. His instrument of choice is the Rogue NLRB headed by the radical Mark Pearce, whose former employer the AFL-CIO, recently defended the use of violence by union members (see AFL-CIO Defends Union Violence as a Legitimate Union Activity). Intimidation is the calling card of the President and his cronies, Big Labor’s Gasping Dinosaurs. They realize the one opportunity to survive and achieve ultimate political power is by winning the 2012 Election and controlling America’s employers through Card Check through Regulation vs. Legislation.

As recently discussed in “Will the NLRB Decide the 2012 Presidential Election,” it is apparent with the promotion of Pearce to NLRB Chairman and Obama’s other recent radical recess appointments to the NLRB that the President is desperate and is playing his ace in the hole. Unfortunately, he and his big labor cronies won’t rest until they have destroyed the essence of America and established totalitarian Rule by Fiat.

Since his appointments of Pearce and Craig Becker, the President has relentlessly moved to control business in America. The takeover of G.M. and Chrysler, the increased EPA regulations, and the DOL ” Persuader Rule” (see DOL Changes the Rules Again) designed to enhance new NLRB regulations to handcuff employers only, are mere child’s play compared to the Sleight of Hand from the Rouge NLRB. The Obama Board, has been desperate to provide the Gasping Dinosaurs the tools to process Corporate Campaigns against employers, forcing them to sign a Neutrality Agreement, which in turn would allow big labor to force unionize employees through Card Check. The breathtaking pace and breadth of the Rogue NLRB attempted expansion of its powers are succinctly captured in a recent NLRB Review by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Yet despite roadblocks to its Posting Rule and “Quickie Elections,” the NLRB continues to propagate new regulations  at a dizzying pace to provide big labor the upper hand over business. The NLRB has insinuated that its only goal is to protect workers from employers. However, pursuant to the language of the Act, the NLRB has two primary functions:

  • To conduct secret-ballot elections among employees to determine whether or not the employees wish to be represented by a union; and
  • To prevent and remedy statutorily defined unfair labor practices by employers and unions.

Recently reported drives by the NLRB to encourage nonunion workers to air grievances, (see Worker Rights Get a Promotional Drive) and to provide employees’ emails and phone numbers to Big Labor bosses during elections (see NLRB Plan to Share Workers’ Email, Phone Numbers Under Fire) have come under fire as the Board continues to exceed its authority. The Board’s administrative law judges (ALJ) have also been aggressive in enforcing labor’s agenda.  Recently an ALJ held that an “at will” employment clause in a company handbook violated the Act as it restricted activity protected under the Act.  If this is the case, the NLRB may as well dictate that every employee will be a member of a union and get the process over with! This overreach begs the question can the Rogue NLRB Derailed?

The short answer is that it must be.  If not, it will be A Death Penalty for Employees and Employers and the greatest experiment and hope the world has ever known! It is time the American people, Congress and the media shed their naiveté and rise up and demand their elected officials put an end to this unmitigated power grab. It appears at this point the only way to do so is for congress to place financial handcuffs on the NLRB in order to restrict its blatant power grab. Additionally, the media, big business in its own right, needs to wake up to its future under the president’s plan and expose him and his Big Labor cronies for what they truly are – Socialists! When Will Congress and the Main Stream Media Wake Up and realize it is Time to Defund the Rogue NLRB?


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