Typical Big Labor Selfishness Condoned by Commander in Chief!

Hurricane Sandy was one of the most devastating storms in recent history and inflicted unimaginable damage and suffering to Americans on the east coast, particularly in New Jersey and New York. One would think this would be a time for Americans to rally together to support fellow Americans devastated by this ferocious storm. This should be a time for differences to be put aside for the greater good of restoring essentials services to people on the east coast. However, the Gasping Dinosaurs, better known as Big Labor Bosses, think only of themselves, and believe as Raum Emmanuel did when he infamously stated “never waste a good crisis.”

Big Labor’s true colors were on display when volunteer crews from Alabama traveled to New Jersey to help restore power for millions of people and were told by representatives of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, “Don’t Help with Sandy Unless You’re Unionized!” It is incredible that Non-Union Utility Crews from Alabama were Turned Away From Helping NJ Sandy Victims, but even more incredible, was that the President of the United States never said a word about these events. President Obama is fully aware that his re-election hinges on Big Labor’s support. Money is the source of power for Big Labor.

This distressing behavior is typical of Big Labor, and President Obama, as well. The naked truth is they only care about themselves and will use any opportunity to further their own cause, such as the President’s recent “tour” of New Jersey, which was nothing more than a photo-op designed to make him look more “Presidential.”  The effort to improve poll numbers was made at the expense of those who truly need assistance.

Collectively, Obama, his administration, and Big Labor have one objective — survival. They will use any means of misinformation, intimidation, deception and coercion necessary to achieve their objective. These “survival skills” have proven to be Obama and Big Labor’s Common Ground!

As chronicled in The Devil at Our Doorstep, President Obama and Big Labor are partners in crime, utilizing the Death by a Thousand Cuts approach to achieve their goals. These opportunists will stop at nothing and will run over anyone who stands in the way of achieving their objectives. This clear Persuasion of Power is graphically illustrated in Big Labor’s Election Intimidation Factor, where union members themselves revealed how they were coerced and intimidated into voter recruitment for President Obama’s re-election campaign and other Democratic candidates, against their will.

It is no secret that Big Labor spends more than three times as much money on its Foot Soldier “ground game” as it does in direct contributions. It has also been apparent in Obama’s recent campaign speeches, as he exhorts people to “extract revenge” (see New Romney TV Ad: “Revenge or Love of Country”  and Obamunists Seek Revenge on U.S.). The President and Big Labor bosses understand that their ground game and attack mode is their last hope of survival and they have no intention of backing off. In fact, breaking news exposed that sheet metal Union Members were Caught with Truckload of Stolen Romney Signs in Ohio. It is obvious that they are desperate, and “desperate people do desperate things,” as evidenced by their recent actions!

Actions speak louder than words, and as you go to the polls to vote, remember the recent actions of the President and Big Labor bosses! Do you really want a President who supports these type actions? It begs the question, “what is their real agenda?” Based on his past affiliations with Bill Ayres, Saul Alinskey, Reverend Wright and others, Americans should Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid! America, We are at War! Armageddon is at Hand! Please Wake up and vote “NO” to Obama and his Big Labor handlers on November 6, 2012!

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