America on the Precipice!

Despite the fact the United States is almost $16,000,000,000,000 in debt, the Obama Administration and Big Labor continue to push an agenda that adds mounting debt to both state and federal government. In a selfish and partisan political effort to survive, this partnership continues to attack brave legislators who are attempting to make responsible changes to turn around the economy and create jobs for the American people. Last August, Big Labor attempted to reverse Governor Scott Walker’s initiative to cure Wisconsin’s massive debt, incurred as a result of years of Big Labor collective bargaining gone wild. The plan was to recall votes on six state Senate Republicans in order to regain the majority in the Wisconsin senate, but the plan failed miserably. Big Labor was confident that the pressure created through its foot soldiers would encourage voters to oust all six Republicans.  However, only two were defeated, leaving the majority of the state Senate to the Republican Party and preserving the Governor’s laws to reign in Big Labor and its collective bargaining monopoly.

Now, Big Labor is after Governor Scott Walker in a June 5, 2012 recall election which is certainly The Most Important Non-Presidential Election of the Decade.  Democrats, however, can’t seem to get on the same page. Last Tuesday, they went to the primary polls and handed Big Labor’s candidate, Madison County Executive Kathleen Falk, a resounding defeat at the hands of Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett. Barrett recently “shot himself and his political party in the foot” when he proved Governor Walker’s point by utilizing the Governor’s union reforms to balance his city’s budget. Now, Big Labor seems to be in a conundrum as the Democratic Party appears to be split. This coming at a time when they needed to present unity, instead of the same old insanity, essentially doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results!

Tom Barrett, now the Democratic Wisconsin Candidate is Laboring to Unify the Party, and these efforts come at a time when he needs Big Labor’s support. However, if he bashes Governor Walker’s collective bargaining changes, which he used to his advantage in Milwaukee, he will appear as a hypocrite to the other part of the base. The base that he desperately needs to retain!  Last Thursday’s Wisconsin Recall Election poll showed Walker 50%, Barrett 45% and trends over the weekend suggested a ten percentage point spread in Walker’s favor. It is obvious that Wisconsin’s citizens, on both sides of the aisle, are tired of Big Labor’s shenanigans and are showing their opinions at the polls!

Wisconsin’s teachers, appear to be one of the biggest Democratic segments growing tired of Big Labor tactics and control (see Teachers Losing Love for Unions). They are realizing it is not they whom the public despises, but the big labor organizations that represent them.  If teachers had the true ability to opt out under a state or federal “Right to Work” law, they would most likely vote with their feet and leave. While many states allow teachers to abstain from union membership, they are tethered to the union by still having to pay union dues or adhere to collective bargaining unit terms! This is just another form of perpetuated forced unionism!

Forced unionism is the goal of Big Labor. This is true both in the public sector, and in the private sector, as chronicled in my new book The Devil at Our Doorstep. Big Labor has nothing tangible to sell in this day and age, so it increasingly relies on thuggery instead of salesmanship or finesse, to force employees into unionism against their own will (see Union Thugs Know Where You Live).  Big Labor depends on employee and employer intimidation and crony politics to survive, as they are nothing more than Gasping Dinosaurs, attempting to avoid extinction. Bravo to Governor Walker and the citizens of Wisconsin for seeing the light, looking the bully in the eye, and not flinching during the August recall elections.

On June 5th the citizens of Wisconsin must once again stand behind the man that had the intestinal fortitude to make it all happen and re-elect Governor Walker (see America at a Crossroads! As Wisconsin Goes, So Goes America!). They can send a message to the Obama Administration that American’s are not going to put up with a Party and President that show no regard for the Constitution or basic American freedoms. It is equally important for the electorate in the rest of the states to follow Wisconsin’s lead and keep the tsunami moving by curtailing public sector collective bargaining, enacting RTW laws and ending the Obama Administration’s Rule by Fiat after one term! In the meantime let’s hope the rest of the states’ legislators have the strength to follow Governor Walker’s lead, and that Congress has the same vigor to reign in the NLRB!

America’s fate as a free nation rests on the outcome of the November 2012 Presidential Election. It is imperative that the electorate in Wisconsin delivers a foreshadowing of Obama’s defeat in November, and each of us must assist! It is crucial that we support Governor Walker any way we can, whether through contributions (The Club for Growth Wisconsin) or helping to offset Big Labor’s foot soldiers who will be signing up people to vote and ushering them to the polls to vote for Barrett (Help Tea Party Patriots Win in Wisconsin). America is on the precipice and the June 5th recall election’s effect on the November Presidential Election is vital to the future of this great country. We as Americans must stand up and stop The Decline of American Exceptionalism!


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