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Reprise: DREAM Act, the Truth behind the Nightmare

The following blog was published in December of 2010, when President Obama was trying to force his DREAM Act through Congress in a similar lame duck fashion that he is attempting to push his Executive Order granting amnesty to illegal aliens today. The President currently has a Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate, but not in the U.S. House. This majority was lost following the November 4, 2014 Election, and as a result, 9 seats in the Senate move to the Republican party. Despite an obvious mandate from the American public, the Republican Party seems afraid to confront the bully on his unilateral action on immigration. Why? Mainly so it doesn’t lose the Hispanic vote, which could be retained and increased, as discussed in the blog below.

Ironically, America is in the same position it was four years ago and the Republican Party has the upper hand, but seems reluctant to use it despite the mandate (see 40% Approve of Obama’s Immigration Plan) when all it has to do is do the right thing, appeal and talk to all segments of the population on their turf and expose the Obama Administration’s true agenda of purely pandering for votes! Interestingly, even the labor bosses are being very quiet about the President’s amnesty order. They must have come to the realization that such a path is not good for America, or for the American worker!

In addition, President Obama is utilizing the tried and true labor boss tactic of misdirection to take Americans’ “eyes off the ball” regarding his Amnesty Order, and instead, he has been directing attention to the recent events in Ferguson and New York City, as witnessed in a recent interview on BET where he said Racism is “Deeply Rooted” in U.S. Society. The SEIU used this same type of misdirection at every step in their campaign against my company in order to keep people misinformed of their true objective of forced unionism. In this case the President’s true agenda is open borders to secure future election votes for the Democratic Party! However, the following provides a clear path for the Republican Party to overcome these tactics, defeat Obama’s Amnesty Order and secure American lives, wages and jobs (see Now Or Later: Why Not Wait to Fight Over Amnesty, Ebola Strategy Revealed and Open Borders Costing American Jobs and Depressing Wages).


There is no doubt that some type of immigration reform, in concert with strong measures to protect our borders, is necessary and prudent in these challenging times. The questions at hand are how this should be accomplished, and if it is necessary to ram legislation through a “lame duck” session of Congress to achieve this goal? A closer look reveals that current attempts are for selfish political or business purposes instead of for the good of the American people and the Illegals it will impact!

We as a nation are culpable for the current circumstance. As citizens we have allowed our government over the past couple of decades to ignore enforcement of our laws and to abuse our social programs for political purposes (see Illegal Aliens: Economic Consequences). As a result, we have encouraged the influx of illegal immigrants. It is a simple example of supply and demand. Mexico and other countries have the supply and, up until the current recession, the United States had the demand, which was not sustainable!

Lured by the prospect of jobs, security and social entitlements such as free public education, Medicaid, food stamps, welfare, aid to dependent children and other programs, immigrants did what any one of us would do under the circumstances. How can we possibly blame them for wanting to escape the misery of their homeland, especially when we, as a country, made it so appealing?

The truth is we can’t, but we can begin to correct the situation by eliminating the demand through strict enforcement of immigration and business laws, by providing social services to legal Americans only, and by allowing the federal military, in cooperation with the states, to police the borders (see Supreme Court Considers 2007 Arizona Immigration Law  and Supreme Court Weighs Arizona Employer Sanctions).  These actions alone will result in an immediate reduction to the flow of illegal immigrants into the country and most likely will result in a significant number of current Illegals migrating back to their homeland (see 100,000 Hispanics left Arizona after SB1070 and Illegal Immigration to US Slows Sharply).

Enforcement of our current laws will have a more positive effect on this pressing problem and the financial drain it imposes upon our economy than any new law that could possibly be passed. It will directly benefit the American worker as wages and benefits that have been artificially depressed due to the presence of illegal workers, who are taken advantage of by unscrupulous businesses, will begin to rise!

In my company’s industry, we have consistently seen competitors take advantage of illegal immigrants and pay them minimum wage (or less) or misclassify them as independent contractors (as discussed in Misclassification of Workers, Common Ground or Hot Bed of Greed). Both of these practices need to be stopped and our laws enforced. Maybe, just maybe, our government will not be compelled to create another entitlement program to encourage the flow of illegal immigrants (see Labor Department Offers Assistance to Illegal Immigrants Facing Wage Disparities). Again, supply and demand, the basis of capitalism, which provides more for workers at all levels, will work its magic (see Wise Words from a Mexican Immigrant).

Only after these processes are in motion can we begin meaningful discussion as to how to humanely address those who remain illegally in the United States. It is obvious that we cannot afford to deport all of them; nor do we want to since a large majority of them can make a significantly positive impact on the future of this country! A potential solution is to provide those who wish to stay a six-month period in which they can sign up for citizenship, and then provide some type of expedited citizenship process as long as they have clean backgrounds! It is imperative that they are upright and lawful citizens who are legally employed and, as responsible taxpayers, are contributing their share to the future of the country and its financial well being (see The Falcon Lake Murder and Mexico’s Drug Wars and Illegal Alien Caught Trying to Kidnap Two School Children). This scenario provides a win/win proposition for all Americans in the form of better wages and benefits and for the fiscal health of the country through increased tax revenues and a significantly reduced burden on social services.

Certain politicians, unions and bleeding hearts will stomp their feet in indignation that this is cruel and unusual punishment, as they trumpet their social justice card. However, this is no more than an attempt to maintain their hold on money and power at the expense of the very people they claim to represent. When are conservatives/republicans going to wake up and realize that they must approach minorities and ethnic groups on a personal level of inclusion that will open their eyes to how they are truly being manipulated and repressed? When they do, meaningful progress can be achieved for all (see Spanish lessons for the GOP and What an Immigrant Would Say to Boehner).

Unfortunately, now that Congress has passed the Tax Bill it is a sure bet Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid will set their sights on immigration reform and passage of the DREAM Act, one of President Obama’s campaign objectives (see Congress Passes Tax Deal and Obama May Bypass Congress to Give Amnesty to Illegals). They would like you to believe that their motives are altruistic, but there is much more to their reasons than meets the eye!

The DREAM Act, which was blocked from further discussion in the Senate this weekend, is nothing more than payback to union supporters who view illegal immigrants as a vast new and easily recruited (intimidated) membership base. They believe illegal immigrants can be captured through forced unionization of employers as described in The Devil at My Doorstep, continue as a large voting block for the Democratic Party, and provide a political life raft for Pelosi, Reid, Obama and other democrats (see Immigration Crisis Survey; Dems Playing Politics with Immigration — and it’s Good Policy; and DREAM Act Fails in Senate). The DREAM Act is not about the people, it is about what is important to these organizations. Senator Reid still has two weeks before the end of the year so don’t be surprised to see this resurface one more time before the end of the “lame duck” session! It is apparent the Obama administration is intent on protecting this potential voting block and not enforcing immigration laws even at the expense of state rights (see Justices, Minus One, Hear Challenge to Arizona Law on Hiring Immigrants)!Despite the disingenuousness of the Pelosi-Reid crowd, the fact remains that immigration reform is necessary and needed for a host of legitimate reasons (see The Titanic and the United States , U.S. Border Easy Entry for Terrorists and Bean Bags vs. AK-47s).

New legislation is not necessary if we demand that our legislators and government officials do their true job and enforce current laws! We cannot continue this attempt to legislate and regulate ourselves to prosperity. What we must do is reduce the role of government and demand they govern according to the Constitution. Unfortunately, it is much easier to pass new laws than to implement and enforce them. It is high time we held our government officials accountable to enforce current laws! It is time to save states like Arizona and our country from the mess we created (see Ray Stevens – God Save Arizona and Surviving the Obama Assault on the Rule of Law).

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Open Borders Costing American Jobs and Depressing Wages!

The most recent jobs report proclaimed that 288,000 new jobs were created and that unemployment dipped to 6.1%. The Obama Administration’s portrayal of the report as indicative of an economic recovery is more disingenuous rhetoric from a President and administration that was trained by the likes of the SEIU and Bill Ayres. Much like the misinformation spewed by big labor during Corporate Campaigns to force unionize employees, the intent is to bedazzle the naïve, uninformed and easily misled with propaganda designed to achieve its goals. The misleading jobs report cited by the Administration, as well as the President’s refusal to address the concern of our open borders, is reminiscent of Bill Ayer’s tactics except, instead of lobbing bombs, the President uses flowery and misleading rhetoric to achieve the destruction of the nation’s work force and economy! Conveniently, the jobs report failed to identify that the net 288,000 jobs consists of approximately 500,000 full-time jobs lost and replaced by 788,000 part-time jobs, realistically providing less take home pay for employees and failing to qualify them for the mandates of employer-provided health care insurance. Thank you Affordable Care Act (ACA)!

Despite the fact practically all other countries in the world have strict immigration penalties for illegal immigration, President Obama has failed to address the issue, magnifying the economic nightmare. Illegal immigration places a heavy burden on American taxpayers in the form of increased entitlement spending, public school funding, higher health care costs, loss of American jobs and lower wages for American workers. This is summed up succinctly in Ray Stevens video on Illegal Immigration – Come to the USA. Why would President Obama favor such a position and call for passage of the DREAM Act? Why would President Obama ask Congress for $3.7B to handle child migrants? The answer is simple, he is pandering for votes for the upcoming mid-term election and mollifying his big labor base who sees future union members, while further implementing his “Cloward and Piven” strategy of overwhelming the system and collapsing the economy (see Congressman: Yes, Barack Obama is Intentionally Destroying the United States). Americans, however, are waking up to the truth. 46% Believe Obama Administration Has Encouraged Young Illegal Immigrants To Come, and even Democrats are becoming skeptical (see Dem. Congressman: ‘Floored Me’ to See Obama Shoot Pool Rather than Visit Border). Unfortunately, it is not just children crossing the border, but also thousands of adults looking for both work in the Under Ground Economy and access to American entitlements.

The immediate impact of this open border policy combined with the ACA and a sluggish economy — as supported by the first quarter 2.9% negative GDP growth — is placed squarely on the backs of legitimate American workers. Despite the President’s claim to be supportive of American workers through his call for a national minimum wage of $10.10/hour, and his support of his SEIU labor buddies call for $15.00/hour wages for fast food employees in its Fast Food Forward campaign, the President’s initiatives are resulting in a spike in misclassification of workers across the country by companies illegally utilizing undocumented workers to fill positions to avoid health care costs and higher government imposed wages. Ironically, companies doing business legally with integrity and honesty are penalized and so are their employees, as they must reduce wages and number of employees or hours to remain competitive in the market place. The President subsequently blames the free market for the problem instead of his own actions! The question that must be explored is whether this is the result of unintended consequences or intentional destruction of the American economy?

My company has experienced the results of the President’s agenda in the form of lost jobs, as companies who use undocumented workers as misclassified independent contractors steal business from legitimate companies. These companies have a 20% or more cost advantage as they generally pay piece work wages. “Piece work” is a set rate per day or week, which requires a person to work as many hours as it takes to clean a certain area to obtain expected results. This often results in much less than minimum wage, no overtime pay and, since they are misclassified as independent contractors, there are no payroll taxes, social security or insurance costs (see Misclassification of Workers, Common Ground or Hot Bed of Greed). We have experienced two recent examples in the west and in the south where such companies bid significantly lower and, because of these cost advantages, “stole” the business through their illegal activity. Even worse is the fact that American employees end up being the real losers as this illegal activity, which is basically ignored and arguably condoned by this administration, artificially lowers wages for all Americans including the union members whom he claims to support!

It is painfully evident that this President cares little for the American worker or the future of America, as noted in The Devil at Our Doorstep. The rhetoric of the President and his big labor buddies that they are fighting for the American worker is disingenuous and despicable! If the President truly cared for the American worker he would use the military to seal the border immediately instead of ordering the Feds to Bring in Riot Squad Against Illegal Immigration Protesters. If he truly cared for the American worker he would require all illegal immigrants to register immediately (see The Senate Immigration Law Hurts All Americans). However, this will not happen if America does not wake up, because the real agenda is the destruction of this great country as we know it and implementation of Rule by Fiat! The answer to the question above is Be Afraid America, Be Very Afraid, as The Decline of American Exceptionalism is at hand and the O-Cloward-Piven Strategy Is Working!


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