Trump and the DREAM Act, the Truth behind the Nightmare

Donald Trump, in his very plain, outspoken, no holds barred way, has exposed the failures of the American President, as well as the lack of backbone displayed by the current Republican majority due to their failure to expose and reverse the President’s programs that are having a devastating effect on our nation’s economy, security and exceptionalism! Mr. Trump has addressed making America great again through the rebuilding our military to the point no one dares challenges America, through revitalizing our country through common sense business incentives, debt reduction and tax programs, and through reestablishing our moral values. Mr. Trump also realizes in order to achieve these goals we must Always Play On Offense which keeps the current GOP establishment still troubled by Trump!

As succinctly portrayed in Paul Hollrah’ s recent article, A Watershed Moment In U.S. History, America is far too politically correct in its approach to solving this great nations problems. Mr. Trump has demonstrated that it is time for Republicans to Go On the Offensive and deal with racial discord, immigration reform and the threat of radical Islam without fear of being labeled politically incorrect! It is time for our elected leaders to show some backbone as Trump has, (see Trump’s Battle With One Of America’s Most Powerful Men Just Escalated To New Heights) and to do what is right for America if we as a country are to reverse The Decline of American Exceptionalism!

The following is a quote from a Canadian gentleman articulating the common theme of people from across the world fearing the down fall of America!

Sir:  This morning I heard something, during a TV news broadcast, that really caught my attention.
A gentleman, Australian, who is in the process of “going through the front door” to become an American citizen made mention of his mother country’s current stand on illegal immigrants.

Since making it law, that no one who enters Australia illegally will ever be granted citizenship, the inflow of “illegals” has dropped to zero!  The majority of Australians are very pleased (with this law) because it is working.
This is bold and brave step by our cousins “down under” and one that we would like to see our government adopt (regardless of the howls coming from the “bleeding hearts” crowd, and possible opprobrium’s from the UN.)

Our friends, south of the 49th, have a very serious problem with “illegals” (or “undocumented”  in the parlance of the president).  They would do well to consider Australia’s position in this matter but there is no hope of this happening until the White House administration changes.  In the meantime the president is rushing to grant amnesty to about five million “illegals”, an act that many consider contrary to the Constitution.  I don’t believe that he is finished.  He is making good use of his pen and telephone and, has 1.5 years left on his mandate, and so far, appears unstoppable.

Thankfully our form of democracy differs from the US  The closest we came to having a monarch run things was when Pierre Trudeau, followed by Jean Chretien, were in power.

Elmer B. Borneman, Chase, B.C.

What this astute Canadian gentlemen is shouting is “America please Wake-Up and Connect the Dots… Obama Wants Us to Sign a Neutrality Agreement!” President Obama’s Executive Amnesty order threatens to destroy the greatest nation in the history of the world, the United States of America. In my December 2010 blog DREAM Act (shown below), I criticized the majority Republican Congress for failing to stand up to the President’s agenda during a time when he was pressing the DREAM Act through, despite clear opposition from the majority of Americans. Today, the President is pressing his Executive Order granting amnesty to illegal aliens while Republicans sit idly by. At the time, the President had a Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate, but not in the U.S. House. That majority was lost following the November 4, 2014 Election, and as a result, 9 seats in the Senate move to the Republican Party. Republicans control both Houses of Congress. Despite an obvious mandate from the American public, the Republican Party seems afraid to confront the bully on his unilateral action on immigration. Why? Mainly so it doesn’t lose the Hispanic vote. In fact, this present an opportunity for Republicans to increase support among Hispanic voters. Paul Hollrah agrees, having stated: “I have been saying for many years… nearly fifty years… that conservatives and Republicans can wage a successful campaign for the votes of blue collar workers, blacks, and Hispanics right on their own turf.”

“Ironically, America is in the same position it was four years ago and the Republican Party has the upper hand, but seems reluctant to use it despite the mandate (see 40% Approve of Obama’s Immigration Plan) when all it has to do is do the right thing, appeal and talk to all segments of the population on their turf and expose the Obama Administration’s true agenda of purely pandering for votes! Interestingly, even the labor bosses are being very quiet about the President’s amnesty order. They must have come to the realization that such a path is not good for America, or for the American worker!

In addition, President Obama is utilizing the tried and true labor boss tactic of misdirection to take Americans’ “eyes off the ball” regarding his Amnesty Order, and instead, he has been directing attention to the recent events in Ferguson and New York City (see Racism is “Deeply Rooted” in U.S. Society). The SEIU used this same type of misdirection at every step in their campaign against my company in order to keep people misinformed of their true objective of forced unionism. In this case the President’s true agenda is open borders to secure future election votes for the Democratic Party! However, the following provides a clear path for the Republican Party to overcome these tactics, defeat Obama’s Amnesty Order and secure American lives, wages and jobs (see Now Or Later: Why Not Wait to Fight Over Amnesty, Ebola Strategy Revealed and Open Borders Costing American Jobs and Depressing Wages).

There is no doubt that some type of immigration reform, in concert with strong measures to protect our borders, is necessary and prudent in these challenging times. The questions at hand are how this should be accomplished, and if it is necessary to ram legislation through a “lame duck” session of Congress to achieve this goal? A closer look reveals that current attempts are for selfish political or business purposes instead of for the good of the American people and the illegal immigrants it will impact!

We as a nation are culpable for the current circumstance. As citizens we have allowed our government over the past couple of decades to ignore enforcement of our laws and to abuse our social programs for political purposes (see Illegal Aliens: Economic Consequences). As a result, we have encouraged the influx of these illegal immigrants. It is a simple example of supply and demand. Mexico and other countries have the supply and, up until the current recession, the United States had the demand, which was not sustainable!

Lured by the prospect of jobs, security and social entitlements such as free public education, Medicaid, food stamps, welfare, aid to dependent children and other programs, immigrants did what any one of us would do under the circumstances. How can we possibly blame them for wanting to escape the misery of their homeland, especially when we, as a country, made it so appealing?

The truth is we can’t, but we can begin to correct the situation by eliminating the demand through strict enforcement of immigration and business laws, by providing social services to legal Americans only, and by allowing the federal military, in cooperation with the states, to police the borders (see Supreme Court Considers 2007 Arizona Immigration Law  and Supreme Court Weighs Arizona Employer Sanctions).  These actions alone will result in an immediate reduction to the flow of illegal immigrants into the country and most likely will result in a significant number of current illegal immigrants migrating back to their country of origin (see 100,000 Hispanics left Arizona after SB1070 and Illegal Immigration to US Slows Sharply).

Enforcement of our current laws will have a more positive effect on this pressing problem and the financial drain it imposes upon our economy than any new law that could possibly be passed. It will directly benefit the American worker as wages and benefits that have been artificially depressed due to the presence of illegal workers, who are taken advantage of by unscrupulous businesses, will begin to rise!

In my company’s industry, we have consistently seen competitors take advantage of illegal immigrants and pay them minimum wage (or less), or misclassify them as independent contractors (as discussed in Misclassification of Workers, Common Ground or Hot Bed of Greed). Both of these practices need to be stopped and our laws need to be enforced. Rather than having our government create another entitlement program to encourage the flow of illegal immigrants (see Labor Department Offers Assistance to Illegal Immigrants Facing Wage Disparities). Again, supply and demand, the basis of capitalism, which provides more for workers at all levels, will work its magic (see Wise Words from a Mexican Immigrant).

Only after these processes are in motion can we begin meaningful discussion as to how to humanely address those who remain illegally in the United States. It is obvious that we cannot afford to deport all of them; nor do we want to since a large majority of them can make a significantly positive impact on the future of this country! A potential solution is to provide those who wish to stay a six-month period in which they can sign up for citizenship, and then provide an expedited citizenship process, as long as they do not have a history of criminal activity! It is imperative that they are upright and lawful citizens who are legally employed and, as responsible taxpayers, are contributing their share to the future of the country and its financial well-being (see The Falcon Lake Murder and Mexico’s Drug Wars and Illegal Alien Caught Trying to Kidnap Two School Children). This scenario provides a win/win proposition for all Americans in the form of better wages and benefits and for the fiscal health of the country through increased tax revenues and a significantly reduced burden on social services.

Certain politicians, labor unions and the “bleeding hearts” will stomp their feet in indignation that this is cruel and unusual punishment, as they trumpet their social justice card. However, this is no more than an attempt to maintain their hold on money and power at the expense of the very people they claim to represent. When are conservatives/republicans going to wake up and realize that they must approach minorities and ethnic groups on a personal level of inclusion that will open their eyes to how they are truly being manipulated and repressed? When they do, meaningful progress can be achieved for all (see Spanish lessons for the GOP and What an Immigrant Would Say to Boehner).

They would like you to believe that their motives are altruistic, but there is much more to their reasons than meets the eye! They believe illegal immigrants can be captured through forced unionization of employers as described in The Devil at Our Doorstep, continue as a large voting block for the Democratic Party, and provide a political life raft for Obama and other democrats (see Immigration Crisis Survey; Dems Playing Politics with Immigration — and it’s Good Policy). Executive Amnesty is not about the people, it is about what is important to these organizations!

Just as the DREAM Act was blocked, so should President Obama’s Executive Amnesty Order! Mr. Trump is correct that new legislation is not necessary if we demand that our legislators and government officials do their true job and enforce current laws! We cannot continue this attempt to legislate and regulate ourselves to prosperity. What we must do is reduce the role of government and demand they govern according to the Constitution. Unfortunately, it is much easier to pass new laws than to implement and enforce them. It is high time we held our government officials accountable to enforce current laws! It is time to save states like Arizona and our country from the mess we created (see Ray Stevens – God Save Arizona and Surviving the Obama Assault on the Rule of Law). Thank God that Donald Trump has shown a backbone and has not been worried about being politically correct. He understands he must appeal to people of all backgrounds on a personal level on their own turf and he will win their support! He understands what he must do to make America great again and he is not afraid of being politically correct. We need more Donald’s in Washington!

Paul Hollrah is a retired government relations executive and a two time member of the U.S. Electoral College.


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5 responses to “Trump and the DREAM Act, the Truth behind the Nightmare

  1. Bill B.

    Can anyone explain to me who/what is the power behind Obama and supporting his efforts that could be leading to a “coop D’E Tat.” Some of his efforts are so obvious and follows the “Death by a thousand cuts” approach. The cuts include spending the USA into bankruptcy, moving masses to government dependency, getting the uninformed entitlement masses to the voting booth, dividing us into ethnic groups hell bent of fighting among ourselves, moving control out of the states and into the federal government, getting too many to buy into his efforts to support countries that hate the USA, stifling the free enterprise system, and his efforts go on and on. Why does our balance of powers within government not kick in? Why are the congressional Democrats following this pied piper? One person could not do this much damage to our country. Could he? Make room Argentina and Greece as it appears we are coming to join you.

    • Dave Radetsky

      You need to start reading Trebor Loudon’s work to understand what’s going on. Trevor has written 2 books and done an amazing amount of research exposing just what is happening. His books are on Amazon.

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