The Destiny of The Devil at Our Doorstep

As a pragmatic businessman I have never believed in coincidences. As a religious person who believes in God I have always believed each of us are placed on this earth for a purpose. An event occurred this past week that solidified my belief in both.

At the engagement party of a friend’s daughter, I happened to meet a former local sports writer for the Indianapolis Star newspaper. As we were conversing, I mentioned to him that I played basketball in high school and went to Wabash College on a basketball/academic scholarship and transferred after my second year. The coach who recruited me left after the first year and I was dissatisfied with his replacement after playing for him for one year. Consequently, I went back to the school that was my second choice and ask them if they would still honor the scholarship they had initially offered. The school, Tri-State University, agreed.

Unfortunately, due to the transfer, I had to change my major to pre-med as Tri-State did not offer degrees in education. In essence, I went from preparing to be a teacher and a coach — my life’s dream — to preparing for life as a doctor at the advice of my counselor. I received a B.S in Biology and went to Ball State University where I received a Masters Degree in Micro Biology. I applied for Indiana Medical School and was place third on the waiting list due to the fact my grades at Wabash my first semester were just average. I subsequently went to work for Central Soya Company headquartered in my home town of Ft. Wayne, Indiana. I started in its experimental feed mill and eventually became a plant turn around specialist. I was able to accomplish this through creating a team atmosphere and treating employees fairly. Interestingly enough they were all union facilities! I held this position for about eight years, and the position required several transfers around the country. When I ended up back in Indianapolis, Indiana, I decided to reject the next request to move yet again, and to leave the company. I eventually become the Indiana General Manager for a regional janitorial company, a position I held for three and a half years before I left to start my own company.

Upon relaying my story to the writer, he mentioned that he knew the coach Wabash had hired, and understood why I decided to leave. He then mentioned that this coach’s background was kind of unclear. Being the inquisitive person I am, the next day I did a search for this coach on the internet to learn more about his background. To my surprise when I found his information I learned more about my destiny than I did his. Prior to being hired as the varsity basketball coach at Wabash he was a janitor for a college in Pennsylvania!

How ironic is it that a man who became my coach and influenced my decision to transfer from one college to another, and in the process forced a change of my major from being a teacher to a doctor, was a janitor! A profession I migrated to as General Manager for a regional janitorial company and a position I would assume myself when I left and started EMS in 1989 where my first account was my insurance agents 5,000 square foot office, which I cleaned myself! EMS grew from that small account to a national company that today provides services in 36 states. We have constantly strived to stand as company that does the right things for it employees and its customers.

Ultimately, due to our growth, we attracted the attention of the SEIU who attempted to force unionize EMS employees as well as other employees of janitorial companies throughout the Midwest with its patented Death by a Thousand Cuts and Corporate Campaign tactics. Tactics designed to force me to sign a Neutrality Agreement, which would have eliminated my employees rights through a secret ballot election to determine if they wanted to be represented by the SEIU, and instead allow the SEIU to use the intimidation tactics of Card Check to force unionize them.

As a religious man and a firm believer in American freedoms I could not morally give up my employees’ rights and allow this to happen. My company and I fought a 4-year war with the SEIU to preserve our employees rights and defeated them! Subsequently I wrote the two books, The Devil at My Doorstep and The Devil at Our Doorstep, which have been instrumental in the passage of “right to work” laws in Indiana and Michigan, and have provided hope and support for employees across the country in extricating themselves from big labor abuse. In fact, my first book “The Devil at My Doorstep” Was Recently Introduced to the Supreme Court  in defense of an employee who was subjected to the awful intimidation tactics of a Corporate Campaign.

I sincerely believe all of us are placed on earth by our creator for a purpose. Some destinies are more subtle than others, however it appears mine through divine intervention, was to expose the atrocities of big labor’s Gasping Dinosaurs and help preserve American freedoms! Ironically this was preordained years ago through my Lord and Savior’s message delivered through a coach, I mean a janitor! The lord in his infinite wisdom recognized years ago the course of history would have to be changed, and The Devil at Our Doorstep revealed. Simply put, without a new coach (janitor), there would have been no college change or career change, and in turn, no EMS janitorial company, no SEIU attack, and most importantly, no win for employee rights! Ironically he used a janitor to begin the chain of events to allow me the opportunity to expose big labor’s agenda and start a movement to protect employee rights!


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4 responses to “The Destiny of The Devil at Our Doorstep

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  2. Dave,

    There is no doubt that GOD has HIS HAND in everything. Our stories are different but we both have fought “devils” and the outcomes have been determined by DIVINE INTERVENTION.

    I don’t believe in coincidence either. If I never had my battle with Pancreatic Cancer, been told I only had months or even weeks to live and then through The Grace of God survived now for 12 years, I would have never made the career change that moved me from a successful career in Marketing back into the broadcasting industry and Conservative Talk Radio.

    I know that it was HIS plan and although we’ve had to struggle and have had to fight powers much bigger than us, my wife Renee and I are determined to see it through. There are millions of Americans that need to hear the truth and understand that our freedom is GOD GIVEN and not a “gift” from Big Government.

    We’ll keep preaching the lessons of FAITH, FAMILY, LIBERTY and FREE ENTERPRISE to all that will listen and encourage others to join in this great purpose to reclaim our Country and Constitution for ourselves and generations to come.

    Our children, grandchildren and history will revere us as the generation that saved America from Socialism and ruin or as the apathetic, self indulged generation that saw the danger and didn’t do everything we could to stop it.

    I believe our paths have crossed for a purpose as well and don’t believe that receiving this post was a coincidence either. I look forward to having you back on my radio program and working with you for a cause greater than ourselves.

    Tony Powers
    TalkRadio1230 AM

  3. David what you just wrote cannot be more ‘true’ and ‘passionately effective’ in regards to the meeting/crossing of our paths.

    You wrote:
    “As a pragmatic businessman I have never believed in coincidences. As a religious person who believes in God I have always believed each of us is placed on this earth for a purpose.”

    I always thought what a coincidence how we met! Maybe I am wrong. Now, you are making me re-think. Could it be God purpose that we meet to unite our efforts to save our America from the hypocrisy of what the Labor Unions have become?

    Members of OccupySEIU Group met Sunday. Destiny was a topic on the agenda. They were very excited. It didn’t matter for them whether it is a coincidence or divine intervention that we met.

    They just wanted to let you know there might be a second purpose for our crossing paths:
    After our revolution is successful and we return the Labor Unions to its members; they have a message for you:
    “Think opening EMS in California! The limit is the sky. Huge market for EMS. It would be the largest branch. We have the labor power, the knowledge, and the excitement to be part of a great ethical company who cares about its employees”.

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