The Senate Immigration Law Hurts All Americans!

Recently, I had the opportunity to view Dennis Michael Lynch’s documentaries They Come to America.  In part, the documentaries explore the pending immigration legislation proposed by the “Gang of Eight,” and finds that the legislation fails to fix the most basic problem — securing the border between the United States and Mexico. Despite claims by the current Administration that the border is secure, the documentary shows the continuing consequences to national security, the American economy, our out of control debt, and desperately needed jobs for the American people.

These documentaries support my previous blog, DREAM Act, the Truth Behind the Nightmare, written in December of 2010, when President Obama was pushing his immigration reform bill known as the  “DREAM Act.”  This bill was primarily driven by politics instead of an interest in doing what was best for the United States and the American people, and which fails to secure the border, protect Americans from terrorism, reduce the massive cost of social programs, help balance the budget, increase jobs and wages for legal Americans, or to otherwise address the issues currently facing our country due to illegal immigration.

If we are to succeed in overcoming these difficulties, the first and most immediate priority must be to seal the border! The Senate bill gives almost ten years for the government to achieve this objective. This is not by accident, but rather intent, as the Obama Administration and the Democratic party understand it will be accepted by the Hispanic community, a demographic they need to continue to win elections. It’s also a gift to big labor in the form of a potential new source of membership to revive its member ranks and flagging revenues. If the President, and Congressional Democrats and Republicans who are on board with this bill really cared about American security, the American economy and American jobs, they would shove political ambitions aside and place the United States military in control of the border and let them do the job they are best at in the world!

Second, the Senate needs to immediately remove all access for undocumented workers to social programs and American schools. Additionally, undocumented workers should have to register with the government immediately and submit to extensive background checks, which, if not acceptable, would result in deportation. These steps would reduce the rolls of undocumented workers immediately and stimulate the economy by reducing budget deficits and providing immediate jobs for legal American workers, a measure which is even supported by the American Hispanic population! Despite the Republican Party’s objections they would gain more favor with the Hispanic population if they would insist upon these measures, combined with regular meetings with the Hispanic community on their own turf.

Third, The Shadow Economy must be reined in (as discussed in my blog, Misclassification of Workers, Common Ground or Hot Bed of Greed). This Under Ground Economy must be reined in if America is to expand employment while recouping lost FICA, payroll tax and income tax revenues that would significantly reduce budget deficits and, ultimately, the runaway national debt! Just as important, enforcing misclassification laws would significantly increase legal American’s wages without them having to be part of a union!

Interestingly, big labor supports the Senate Immigration bill as an avenue to increase membership roles, (see SEIU Pushes Seven Figure Ad Campaign for Immigration Reform ) but appears oblivious to the fact its buddy in the White House is intent on playing both sides of the fence. Despite a supposed focus on employee misclassification, very little enforcement has occurred, which eliminates these people as union targets! See Focus on employee misclassification will continue, Labor official says. The reason is simply that the President and the Democratic Party understand that the Hispanic vote is necessary for Democrats to retain power. Especially the clandestine illegal vote brought in by the big labor ground game, which they continue to count on through other paybacks to big labor through NLRB decisions and regulatory changes. A ground game the Administration and Democrats turn their heads to, despite their bellicose objection to the recent Supreme Court’s decision, eliminating the Voting Rights Act.

Bottom line, the Administration’s motives are hypocritical. They are purely for political gain at the expense of the American people including supporters like big labor. It is time for all Americans to wake up and watch what this administration does, not what it says and understand How “Gang of Eight” Amnesty Will Destroy America for all Americans, including unions. The Wall Street Journal reports Obama to Pressure House GOP on Immigration Bill  this week when it returns to Washington. Its time for the American people to stand up with one voice contact their representatives and say “No” to crony politics!


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3 responses to “The Senate Immigration Law Hurts All Americans!

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  2. To al the negative media: can’t you see the greatness of our Country? People are fighting and willing to die to come to America. Can’t you see the long waiting lines to come to America? “Immigration Reform” is basically a measure to refrain people from coming illegally and skipping their turn in line. Trying to find the right immigration bill is a strong reflection of how popular America is,

    It is in our hand to preserve what we have and worked very hard to get where we are; the whole world wants to be what America is: the BEACON OF FREEDOM. To take your turn in line is the basic concept of Freedom and justice. Unfortunately, the Labor Unions don’t see it this way.

    I am an Egyptian American immigrant and witnessed with my own eyes how detrimental and oppressive labor unions presence is in our daily lives in Egypt. I immigrated to America seeking Freedom and Recognition. Myself, along with a group of California State Workers, are forced to join SEIU simply because we work for the State. Where is our Freedom? Why does State Employees need a Union to defend them against their own Officials they voted for and put in office?!!

    We read both books written by David Bego: “The Devil At My DoorStep” and “The Devil At Our Doorstep”. These books, especially the first one, have been an inspiration to our movement “OccupySEIU” to free ourselves from the oppression of SEIU Local 100. As Members we demanded to see how our money is spent? SEIU is refusing to be transparent. We have to go to court and spend our own money to get some visibility while SEIU is fighting us with our dues!.

    Unfortunately, I see a repercussion of the detrimental role of the labor union in our lives, spreading here in FREE America. Their support of the immigration bill without enforcing order and security of our borders is just a camouflage to buy more votes.

    SEIU, what about the rights of my sister in law and nephews who have applied for immigration from Egypt and have been waiting in line for over 7 years now? Is this Democracy and Fair Treatment for the illegal to skip their turn in line? Maybe it is fair Treatment in SEIU eyes when it comes to the ballot box? It is sad what is unfolding in our FREE America.

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