Mr. Bego Goes to Washington

The Devil at Our Doorstep’s Book Event

New Video Footage Featuring David Bego

Hosted by The Heritage Foundation


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2 responses to “Mr. Bego Goes to Washington

  1. One Statement David Bego said in his presentation at the heritage foundation that stuck to my mind :
    “Employees are our biggest asset…”

    We are a group of SEIU Members ‘’, in California, who were inspired by David’s first book “The Devil At My Door Step”. It helped us, with David’s blessings, to pursue our fight agaist the bullying of SEIU. We believe the Labor Unions for it Members; not what they have become a Political Special Interest/Selfish Group.

    “Members of Labor Unions, just like the Employees, are the biggest asset to fight the bullying and bring back the Unions to what they were created for: ITS MEMBERS…” .

  2. Dave Hazlett

    Until voters decide to change to political make up of the Executive Branch and the Senate it appears that Right to Work laws are the primary protection that can be provided to employers AND employees from this activity … time to lobby for a National Right to Work law

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