Vetting Obama’s Political Tactics

Obama’s State of the Union Address on January 24, 2012, and his subsequent 2013 Budget in which Obama called for new taxes on wealthy, are no more than election campaign tactics full of candy and political promises. These actions are reminiscent of Big Labor’s tactics utilized during Corporate Campaigns against employers where they make outlandish promises and disseminate misinformation to win employee support. Obama’s tactics should come as no surprise, considering his long-term SEIU ties and training. As detailed in my first book, The Devil at My Doorstep, and now chronicled in its sequel, The Devil at Our Doorstep it is apparent Obama, is utilizing union tactics learned during his years with the SEIU (see Obama and the SEIU, Sittin’ in a Tree) in an attempt to win re-election. Comparing Obama’s use of misdirection and overpromising versus the misdirection and promises of Big Labor during Corporate Campaigns, it is easy to understand the current election tactics and predict those yet unseen:

1)   Obama: Create a “Buffet Rule”: Create class warfare to split and pit Americans against each other (see 11 Things Obama Didn’t Tell You about Tax Fairness Last Night).

Big Labor: Represent big business as placing corporate profits ahead of employee wages and benefits: Pit employees against the employer.


2)   Obama: Double the number of work study jobs for college students:  Capture the college student vote.

Big Labor: Incite workers to push for all full time jobs versus part time jobs: Capture the vote of young workers.


3)   Obama: Publicize the need for a “fair” Immigration policy:  Gain the Hispanic vote.

Big Labor: Stop employer discrimination: Gain the Hispanic vote.


4)  Obama: Equal wages for women and paid contraception/abortions:  Capture the vote of women.

Big Labor: Equal wages for all: Capture the vote of women.


5)  Obama: Green Energy:  Capture the environmentalist vote.

Big Labor: Control the use of and exposure to hazardous chemicals:  Capture and support from environmentalists and special interests.


6)  Obama: Obamacare – Health care paid for everyone: Capture all voters.

Big Labor: Paid healthcare for all:  Capture all voters.


7)   Obama: Increased regulation on business, resulting in restrictive labor laws; greater employee input in business and lower productivity:  Capture all voters.

Big Labor: Restrictive work rules, seniority and limited discipline procedures resulting in reduced productivity, sameness and more employee power:  Capture all voters.


8)   Obama: Entitlements/Redistribution of wealth. Take from the “haves” and give to the “have not’s” to create one class reliant on Government: Capture the vote of the ever-growing number of those on government subsidies, reduce friction, create sheep and ensure compliance to government.

Big Labor: Increased benefits/Reduced workloads to create one class reliant on Big Labor bosses:  Capture the vote of those without work ethics or ambition, reduce friction, create sheep and ensure compliance to Big Labor.


9)   Obama: Speeches claiming conservatives want dirty air and water:  Court the far left, environmentalist and liberal media to apply pressure.

Big Labor: Press and utilize OSHA complaints citing employer use of hazardous chemicals, equipment, and unhealthy work environment: Court the far left entities like “Jobs for Justice,” environmentalists and the liberal media.


10)  Obama: Equality and redistribution of wealth does not apply to staffers:  Taxes used to reward loyalty (see White House Raises).

Big Labor: Equality and redistribution of wealth does not apply to staffers:  Dues used to reward loyalty (see SEIU Local 1000 Council to Consider Six-Figure Salaries for Officers).


11)  Obama: Misinterpret the facts, such as that employment figures are improving and unemployment is headed downward. Court the unemployed vote (see No Truth to January Job Gains).

Big Labor: Misrepresent the facts. Characterize employers as greedy and only after profit instead of jobs:  Court the unemployed or part-time employed.


12)  Obama: Characterize business as abusive, and cite the need for regulation. Implement new DOL, EPA and NLRB regulations: Court the naïve, less informed and easily persuaded.

Big Labor: Characterize employers as abusive and utilize means to place pressure through government reporting:  File massive numbers of “Unfair Labor Practices,” OSHA and DOL complaints:  Court the naïve, less uninformed and easily persuaded (see The Devil at Our Doorstep).


13)  Obama: Attack conservative supporters like Fox News in an attempt to persuade advertisers to drop Fox through the Persuasion of Power.

Big Labor: Picket and intimidate employers’ customers in an attempt to have customers fire the employer (see Persuasion of Power).


14)  Obama: Undermine the constitution through executive orders, regulation changes and illegal recess appointments:  Gain control by Rule by Fiat.

Big Labor: Undermine American Freedoms through elimination of the secret ballot election:  Gain control of employees through Card Check.


15)  Obama: Destroy the economy and force the population to capitulate (see Are We on the Verge of the Obama Great Depression?).

Big Labor: Financially ruin employers and force them to capitulate (see A Story of Our Future).


The foregoing is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. The similarities go on and on, which begs the question Who Is Really Running the Country? The Puppet or Puppeteer?  He has been trained in Big Labor tactics by the SEIU, and like Big Labor bosses, he has no idea how to run a business, let alone compete in a free market society. Consequently, his and his trainers/manipulators’ only means of achieving success is through propaganda, misdirection, deception, misrepresentation and ultimately intimidation. They cannot and do not want to win fairly and ethically on a level playing field. They are elitists who believe they are smarter than everyone else, but in fact use this brutish approach to hide their own inadequacies, incompetence and narcissism. When are we going to wake up and realize that this president cares only for himself and will sacrifice anyone, as seen in Obama and NLRB Continue to Cost Union Jobs, along with this great country for his own personal gain, re-election in 2012? When will the country wake up and realize America Needs an Effective Leader, Not a PoliticianAmerica, We are at War! Armageddon is at Hand! Please Wake up!


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