Occupy Wall Street is No Tea Party!

The mainstream media is attempting to portray the “Occupy Wall Street” protestors as the left’s version of the Tea Party.  In truth, they have little in common, with the exception of their legitimate objections to “Crony Capitalism” and “Wall Street Bailouts” (see Tea Party attacks could damage GE). I speak from experience when I characterize Tea Party participants as people who want to see change occur, but do so through a peaceful, gracious, and low profile approach, unlike the boisterous, high-profile and obnoxious “Occupy Wall Street” approach, now seen nightly on the networks and cable television.  This past week I had the distinct pleasure to speak in front of the Palm Beach County, Florida Tea Party, the Palm Beach County, Florida Republican Club, and the Madison, Indiana Tea Party. Those in attendance were attentive, respectful and thoughtful. They were patriots concerned about the direction and future of this great country and the future of their children and grandchildren. This is markedly different from “Occupy Wall Street” and similar protests held around the country this past week, which are only self-serving, as illustrated by demands to eliminate mortgage and other debt.

“Occupy Wall Street” is not the voice of the people. It is part of a grand scheme concoted by labor unions to serve their agenda (see Former SEIU Official Reveals Secret Plan to Destroy JP Morgan, Crash the Stock Market and Redistribute Wealth in America?). As you view the videos of the protest, you will see numerous SEIU and AFL-CIO participants in the crowd. This is clearly an organization attempt by labor unions, despite SEIU President Mary Kay Henry’s attempt to distance SEIU involvement in “Occupy Wall Street” in a duplicitous article Why Labor Backs ‘Occupy Wall Street’. Interestingly enough, the AFL-CIO was very up front in its involvement as reported in the Indianapolis Star article Occupying Indy.

As I spoke to the Tea Party groups, it was apparent to me that the attitude was not “What is in it for me?”, but rather “What is best to preserve this democracy, and this republic?” The debate and questions were animated, but thoughtful much as I envision were those of our Founding Fathers. They understood the problems on both ends of the spectrum, from “Crony Capitalism” on one end to “big labor” corruption on the other.  Their true goal was to work to discover what needed to be done to fix the system and preserve our future. Never did self indulgence, class warfare, religion or race enter the picture.  Does anyone believe the “Occupy Wall Street” protestors can say the same?

In the Tea Party groups I met and listened to great Americans such as General Paul Vallely (Stand Up America), Thomas and Deneen Borelli (The National Center for Public Policy and Project 21), Rick Berry, Rick Reuss & Lisa Seng (Sons and Daughters of Liberty), Les Naiman (Louisville talk Show Host), Jim Coyle (Radio Personality), Randy Frye (Indiana State Senator), Anita Carbone (Tea Party Coordinator) , Marie Davis ( Republican Club President), Brian Mudd & Joel Malkin (Radio personalities, WJNO), and many others who spoke with obvious passion about preserving this great nation and American Exceptionalism. These are people who work for a living, ask for no entitlements, defend this great country and look to preserve the God given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, without government intervention. They realize that Individual choice, not government, fuels prosperity. This is in contrast to a group which had no answer when asked “why are you here?” They are nothing more than union stooges.  It is time to understand America, We are at War! Armageddon is at Hand! Please Wake up!

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