Sons and Daughters of Liberty Event, Featured Speaker

This Saturday, April 16th, Dave Bego will be a featured speaker at the Sons and Daughters of Liberty event in Madison, Indiana. The event is scheduled from 12pm – 3pm  and people will start arriving at the Riverboat Inn from 11am – 11:30, with speeches starting at Noon. Speakers confirmed thus far for the event include Richard Mourdock, Tonye Rutherford,  Mike Sodrel, Les Naiman and the author of The Devil at My Doorstep,  Dave Bego.

Listen to all of the details for this weekend’s event at:

Sons and Daughters Event Part 1

Sons and Daughters Event Part 2

Sons and Daughters of Liberty

Dave received praise from the popular radio host, Les Naiman, who said the following:

“The other speakers are all great, but the one I look forward to meeting and is David Bego, a small business man who owns a cleaning company in Indianapolis, has over 5,000 employees from what I have been told, and fought the efforts of SEIU to take over his company at a cost of millions of dollars. He won, but could not ever regain his time and money as public unions; it seems cannot be countersued… They just try to either take your business or bust you out of your business, through intimidation, threats, strikes, and in the courts which they use as a hammer with little to lose, as we the taxpayer give them the money which the state and or federal government gives to support them and their members .His book and blog of the same name, Devil At My Doorstep tells this story of courage and the evil that is Andy Stern and SEIU. So if there is one speaker that I want to hear, it will be David Bego, as this is a story that gets little press in the state media. The whole program is great, all great patriots and speakers, and I urge everyone to try and come to Madison, less than an hour away and celebrate our liberty, while we still can.”



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