Social Justice (Welfare) Breeds Complacency, Dependency and Sloth

“From exertion come wisdom and purity; from sloth ignorance and sensuality” – Thoreau

These words aptly describe the welfare state (see The Welfare State EXPOSED) and the havoc government entitlement programs and concessions that big labor coerces from the public and private sector wreak upon the American landscape and the free enterprise system under the masquerade of social justice (see Union Power Destroys Working Families). Social justice is no more than a euphemism for socialism, the ultimate goal of the current administration and its big labor allies.

Social justice tactics as chronicled in The Devil at My Doorstep and my blog, SEIU and Its Corporate Campaigns, whether they entail walkouts at the statehouses, public rallies and protests, threats, fliers, letters, financial and psychological warfare, misrepresentation, misinformation, political collusion and media buy-in, or some combination of the above, they are an attack on America disguised as an altruistic movement. Ultimately they serve to destroy self determination, self esteem and self worth in favor of complacency, dependency, and sloth, resulting in the demise of the American worker and American exceptionalism (see We’ve Become a Nation of Takers, Not Makers). The new winners of A Suicidal Government will be corrupt politicians and big labor who desire to impose their brand of socialism upon the American people, all for power and greed!

Americans need to understand that sacrifice and a hard work ethic are the motherhood of invention and success. If you are not successful or not happy with your lot in life, it is your responsibility to pull yourself up by the bootstraps and clean up the mess. It is not about government or union protection, it is about self reliability, self responsibility and self destiny!

Can you imagine where this country would be today if the pilgrims that landed at Plymouth Rock, who suffered through terrible weather, hunger and disease, or the pioneers moving westward across hostile territory, had simply laid down and quit?  What if they had pointed the finger of blame elsewhere and else to bear the burden, in the face of overwhelming odds? America would be a third world country, rather than the symbol of excellence it is today. Americans are traditionally not quitters, but today are being lulled to the brink of destruction due to their apathy.  If they continue to rely on government entitlements, they ultimately will have to deal with life After the Welfare State. The journalist’s report below vividly points out our current predicament, and the author of Put Me In Charge succinctly describes actions that are necessary to prevent the The Decline of American Exceptionalism!

Sent: Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Subject: Paris

Having spent two days in France, grinding under the strain of the powerful government-backed unions on strike I am shuddering at the   world they, and Obama, would create.

I am reminded after the French strikes of the motto of the great Ludwig von Mises and the institute that bears his name:  “do not yield to evil, but proceed ever more boldly against it.”

Socialists like Obama and the Democrats, like the strikers, need to be boldly faced down. Defeated.

It is amazing to me while America figures out a way to save face on the Obama fiasco and while Europe confronts reality after a generation of social engineering garbage, China and most of Asia are on the warpath of economic development and capital accumulation.  The West is fooling around, the East is advancing.

The difference in vibrancy, upkeep, and simple maintenance between Paris and Shanghai is palpable.  Every year the divergence grows.  Screwing around versus warpath.  “Going through the motions” versus “head in the game”.  One is an increasingly graphitized dump filled with degreed bureaucrats, the other is an economic Mecca filled with entrepreneurs.

Your sour-mooded correspondent in strike-ridden Paris

God help us if we do not wake up and understand The Problem with Socialism is Socialism!


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