Restoring America’s Prosperity!

Contrary to pronouncements by economists that the recession is over, a vast majority of Americans disagree (see 68% Believe U.S. Economy in Recession and Just 31% Now Give Obama Positive Marks for the Economy . Reflecting on these statistics, it is painfully evident that recovery on Main Street is just as important as recovery on Wall Street, and it is simply not occurring. True economic recovery cannot occur until unemployment is significantly reduced, government downsized, big labor and political corruption corralled,  government budgets balanced, deficits reduced, and the competitive forces of the free market are unleashed so small to medium size businesses, as well as the major players on Wall Street, can thrive!

With these principles in mind, the following steps may be a road map for the next successful Presidential candidate to restore America to prosperity, encourage American self determination, improve the quality of life for all Americans and stimulate “Main Street” America:

1.) Open drilling and exploration for oil in Alaska, the continental U.S.A and off the U.S. coastline. Doing so will stimulate private enterprise and provide jobs in oil extraction, refining, manufacturing, transportation and services. Oil and gas prices will drop significantly for American consumers and remove reliance on foreign oil. From the standpoint of national security, such action will cripple terrorist coffers and improve leverage by the United States in international affairs.

2.) Control illegal immigration by enforcing current laws and regulations, while also limiting the access of illegal immigrants to government entitlements and public education. Use of a procedure similar to the current “E-Verify” system could assure compliance prior to providing illegal aliens the entitlements which accompany legal status. Allow a 90-day period for all illegal immigrants to register and be subject to acceptable background checks to begin the process to citizenship as described in DREAM Act, the Truth behind the Nightmare . The immediate effect will be openings due to outflow of illegal immigrants.  Wages and opportunities will increase for legal American citizens and government will experience significantly reduced expenditures for Welfare entitlements, Public Schools, Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security (see Illegal Immigration Dividing America). Americans appear to overwhelmingly understand this as seen at 67% Favor Automatic Police Immigration Checks, Most Support Sanctions on Employers and Landlords.

3.) Repeal the Obama Administration’s health care bill and replace it with sensible legislation designed to eliminate monopolies, increase competition, enforce anti-trust laws, and reduce malpractice exposure.  By allowing the free market system full reign over health care services, competition among the providers will immediately make healthcare more affordable. The majority of Americans agree as fifty-three percent of voters favor repeal of the health care bill (see 53% Favor Repeal of Health Care Law, 50% Say Repeal At Least Somewhat Likely).

4.) Engage in tort reform by enacting a “loser pays law.” Such a law would automatically reduce business expenses and health care costs, thereby stimulating business and job growth.

5.) Enforce current Misclassification of Workers/Independent contractor laws as discussed in my blog Misclassification of Workers! Common Ground or Hot Bed of Greed? Enforcement will increase local, state and federal coffers with much needed income tax revenues and will reduce strain on unemployment and social security by infusing much needed revenues. It will increase wages and benefits for all legal Americans and encourage honest competition. Despite claims to the contrary, enforcement of such laws will not make American companies uncompetitive, but rather more efficient and productive.

6.) Enact federal “right to work” legislation.   Right to work will effectively guarantee all Americans freedom of choice with respect to representation in their place of employment by a labor union, while also reducing corruption in the political process and reigning in government spending (see Indiana Right to Work, the Right Thing to Do! ).

7.) Enact a law to provide for all political campaigns to be funded by government and not individuals/corporations/unions. All taxpayers would contribute by payroll deduction with all monies divided evenly amongst candidates. Install term limits for all elected government positions. This will encourage the type of voluntary government participation envisioned by our founders instead of the desire for life time positions.

8.) Reduce government size by reducing spending and enacting a balanced budget Amendment — Basic fundamentals which businesses and households must incorporate every day to avoid bankruptcy! Reduce government interference with business and free markets as discussed in Unions versus Business Obama-Style.

9.) Provide U.S. military protection to other nations on a fee basis. These fees will offset United States military costs and force other nations to become engaged in the peace process and terrorism issues.

10.) Revoke President Kennedy’s Executive Order allowing unionization of public employees. This will allow government to reform wages and benefits, improve productivity and efficiency, and balance budgets to reduce or eliminate deficits. It will also be a large step towards education reform and elimination of the current corrupt money pump to elected officials (see America at a Crossroads! As Wisconsin Goes, So Goes America! and Collective Bargaining is a Privilege, Not a Right!).

11.) Reduce maximum tax rate to 25% and move towards a flat tax or fair tax that all citizens must pay.  Result will be increased revenues and encouragement for all citizens to be involved in the process and have respect for this great country. After all, there is no incentive to take care of something if you do not have a stake in the process. It is time to realize Progressive Government is Obsolete.

12.) Reduce and rollback  government rules and regulations which stifle economic prosperity such as those  recently proposed by the NLRB, EPA and DOL as discussed in Card Check through Regulation vs. Legislation, Actions Speak Louder than Words!

13.) Scale back U.S. presence in Afghanistan and Iraq, and instead utilize United States forces to secure the Mexican and Canadian borders in concert with state law enforcement agencies. Utilize Special Forces to deal with insurgency when necessary in Afghanistan. History tells us that occupation of Afghanistan is unsustainable. Moving the United States military to our border will increase security of the U. S. borders and control illegal immigration as well as trafficking of drugs and guns. Most Americans agree as 63% say border control is a top immigration priority (see 63% Say Border Control Is Top Immigration Priority).

14.) Strictly enforce unemployment eligibility, and reduce unemployment benefits and eligibility periods. Reduced government spending will be realized as a result and citizens will be encouraged to return to work! Extended unemployment benefits are a cancer which breeds slothfulness and complacency and increases dependence on government, while decreasing self esteem, self determination and the work ethic of the American worker. As the saying goes “idle hands and minds are the devil’s playground!”  It is time to ask Is the Land of Opportunity Vanishing?

15.) Put God back in America and return the country to its Christian based values. Eliminate pressure and intimidation tactics as described in the SEIU’s Persuasion of Power and NEA General Counsel Bob Chanin Says Farewell. Replace them with morals, character, honesty and integrity, along with civil dialogue and negotiation!

Potential presidential candidates would do well to embrace this type of platform as it eliminates divisive issues such as immigration, encourages participation by all Americans, reduces government and government spending, increases revenues, balances the budget, increases security, decreases energy costs and reliance, stabilizes entitlements, protects personal freedoms, restores the Christian principles this country was founded on, and provides a level playing field for all Americans and the American business community to achieve self determination through the fruits of their own labors.

America for too long has been Addressing the Symptoms, Not the Disease. It is time to stop the Decline of American Exceptionalism by returning to rugged individualism, enabling the free market system, enforcing current laws, encouraging self determination and participation by all while using resources wisely to recapturing the American dream, instead of driving towards  unobtainable socialistic utopia as embraced by the current administration. America must wake up and embrace a candidate who realizes The Problem with Socialism is Socialism! and who will make the tough decisions presented above.


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10 responses to “Restoring America’s Prosperity!

  1. I like some of your points, but clearly you are easily fooled by dipshit cliches.

    I know a lot about Fairtax, since I was for it, at first. I was an advocate, until I read the fine print and asked questions.

    I kept asking questions — and so did others. I am not the only one that knows it’s goofy. CPAs, economist, Wall Street Journal, The National review, have all exposed it’s BS/

    Sounds great, but literally, it’s goofy. I don’t mean sorta, I mean completely goofy. I mean – the leaders KNOW it’s goofy.

    Most tax plans are carefully named deceptions, but their leaders really want their own plan to take effect.

    Fairtax is unique, because it’s own leaders know it’s utter nonsense, and are scared to death it will somehow accidently have hearings under oath and their BS exposed.

    Just one reason — Fairtax has fine print that hides massive, truly massive, taxes. Only people pay taxes, right? Well, in the FINE print only, not in their books, not in their videos, not in their speeches, they have over a trillion dollars in taxes NOT on people — but on government.

    City government — state government. County government.

    California state goverment, for example, would owe 15 billion, Texas, 9 billion, Florida, 10 billion, and so on. But — FAIRTAX HAS HID THAT!!

    Not just state governments – cities too. Los Angeles city government would owe 800 million! Dallas city government 200 million, and so on.

    Really fantastic amounts — and keep this is mind, they DO NOT TELL CITY AND STATES ABOUT IT!!

    Do you think they are serious? Hell no. They know the moment they have a hearing under oath, they will look goofy as hell. They KNOW that.

  2. Stewart larson

    Andy stern is the biggest flaming marksist ahole ever

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