SEIU and Its Corporate Campaigns!

Yesterday, Union Watch — a project of the California Public Policy Center — published an article that reads like a Devil at My Doorstep testimonial (See the article at California Hospital Alleges SEIU Extortion). In fact, the article mentions The Devil at My Doorstep and describes how it walks the reader through the ruthless intimidation tactics and psychological warfare utilized by the SEIU to force companies to capitulate and sign a Neutrality Agreement! The Neutrality Agreement is the sought-after prize as it implements card check and eliminates employee rights to a secret ballot election in organizing campaigns.

The article chronicles month-by-month the tactics utilized against Prime Healthcare Services from January 2010 to present day. The tactics utilized are very similar to those documented in The Devil at My Doorstep. Interestingly, in June of 2010 the SEIU threatened to have PHS Executives jailed if they did not sign a Neutrality Agreement ! In the case of EMS, they threatened to attack our customers, employees and my family if I did not sign the Neutrality Agreement. I never did, and my refusal resulted in an almost five-year long, one million dollar war! I suspect PHS is in for a long battle since the SEIU, as most unions, is experiencing declining membership and revenues since they have nothing to sell and must rely on thuggery and forced unionism to achieve their goals.

Recent events indicate that corporate campaigns are on the uptick. Many companies across the country can expect to be called on by this uninvited and unwanted visitor. I have recently been contacted by nursing homes in the Midwest and hospitals in Florida that are experiencing the beginning probes of an SEIU corporate campaign. Also, recent articles have indicated that the SEIU may be targeting workers at institutions of higher education, as well as bank tellers (See SEIU Interested in Higher Ed and SEIU Takes on Banks).

All businesses need to prepare as the SEIU is gearing up and enlisting old allies such as clergy members to help process their corporate campaigns much as they did against EMS as chronicled in the Devil at My Doorstep (See Labor and Religion Reunite)!  They will use the misinformed clergy to persuade people that the SEIU is all about social justice and that they are truly altruistic and have the employees’ best interests at heart. The clergy might be wise to investigate the SEIU, because the union has recently dropped health insurance coverage for the children of certain workers in order to meet its financial goals. This is a perfect example of “do as I say, not as I do!” (See Union Drops Health Coverage for Workers’ Children). Questions have also been raised as to whether the SEIU is connected with or providing support to certain terrorist organizations (See Is SEIU Working with Hamas and FARC?).

Needless to say the SEIU is emboldened by its friend in the White House who is fast achieving card check through regulation as described in my previous blog “Card Check through Regulation vs. Legislation, Actions Speak Louder than Words!” The question must be asked “Will Congress and the mainstream media wake up before it is too late and more companies like Prime Healthcare Services face the ruthless wrath of an SEIU corporate campaign?” (See When Will Congress and the Main Stream Media Wake Up?).


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