When Will Congress and the Main Stream Media Wake Up?

Over the past two weeks the mainstream media and Congress have been enamored with stories concentrating on topics such as who won the Lame Duck session, Health Care repeal (See ABC Warns Republicans Against Challenging ObamaCare), Obama’s trip to Hawaii, Napolitano’s trip to the Mideast, party infighting,  and other nebulous news, while the Obama administration continued fundamental government takeover through regulatory action by its appointees. When will they wake up to the fact that this administration is overwhelming the system and changing our government while they are being distracted by Obama’s sleight of hand? Instead of worrying about ratings and their careers, maybe these groups should begin doing some good old investigative journalism and congressional reviews into what is going on behind the scenes!

Except for Charles Krauthammer, op-ed columnist for the Washington Post, who wrote an insightful article that hits the nail squarely on the head, the rest of the media were asleep at the wheel. Mr. Krauthammer’s article, Government by Regulation. Shhh, succinctly described the intent of this administration to achieve its objective by administrative fiat. Krauthammer used three poignant examples of “administrative fiat” to support his position. The first example was Medicare’s regulation which reinstated the so-called “death panels” (as coined by Sarah Palin), see Cal Thomas’s editorial She Told Us So; the second was the reversal of a decision that would allow use of federal lands for oil exploration by the Interior Department; and the third involved the regulation of carbon emissions by the EPA, thereby implementing key provisions of Obama’s failed “cap and trade” legislation.

Mr. Krauthammer could have added another example that is even more insidious: control of American business and ultimately all American workers through rule changes and reversals of case precedent by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and the Department of Labor (DOL) at the direction of radical Obama appointees. The recent proposed rule changes and directives by the NLRB, detailed in my blog Americans: Beware of Rogue NLRB! were barely mentioned by the mainstream media and conveniently ignored by most members of Congress. This occurred despite the multitude of previous NLRB and DOL changes bestowed upon big labor, which could devastate America’s free market economy! (See Obama Administration Closes Year Paying Off Big Labor).

It is apparent Obama understands that government control of health care, energy, communications (see Net Neutrality Rules Set to Pass), guns and business is the key to fundamentally changing our system of government from a republic into socialism as summarized in the last paragraph of The Sinister Soros-ACORN Connections You Aren’t Supposed to Notice. It is equally apparent that the mainstream media buys into Obama’s class warfare and social justice rhetoric instead of doing the right thing for the American people and reporting objective, unbiased facts. Likewise many members of Congress are more interested in Obama’s rhetoric and their own selfish greed, while many others are merely naïve or past their prime. Let’s hope, for the sake of this great nation, that the members of Congress wake up before it is too late! They should investigate all of Obama’s czars and appointees, as well as their “behind the scenes” regulation changes, before this savage attack on our government and Constitution is consummated and we become a nation enslaved by our own government!


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17 responses to “When Will Congress and the Main Stream Media Wake Up?

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  2. Victor Wakley

    Dave has hit the Nail on the Head! Every day we ALLOW the Government to GROW…thats another nail in the coffin of our Liberties! Wake up America and READ your Constitution!

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