Beyond Lame Ducksville and on to Corporate Campaigns!

Approximately three weeks remain for the old cast of characters in Congress, led by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, to wreak havoc on our American way of life and to continue to destroy businesses and jobs in this country. The questions remaining are whether those defeated in November have the appetite for such nonsense and whether the survivors are willing to stick their necks out for President Obama. It is obvious this trio believes they know best and will continue to push changes that are unpopular with the American people.

Many believe that Cap and Trade and the Employee Free Choice Act (a.k.a. Card Check) are off the table and that the time in Lame Ducksville will be spent passing a temporary budget to fund the government and debating on the extension of the Bush Tax Cuts for everyone (which they should as Higher Taxes Won’t Reduce the Deficit). These two items will most likely devour most of Congress’s time; however, don’t be surprised if union puppet Harry Reid attempts to provide paybacks to the people who made sure he was re-elected, albeit questionably in many people’s eyes (See Nevada Voting Machines Automatically Checking Harry Reid’s Name, Voting Machine Technicians are SEIU Members)!

The unions desperately want Card Check, but they also want bills that will provide them with a monopoly over government workers. One of the most onerous means of achieving the goal is through passage of the police and firefighters bill (The Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act) and by organizing the TSA (See Police Fire Federal Forced Unionism “Bad Idea”, Reid Pushes Union Monopolies for States in Lame-Duck Session, The Unions Have Won, and How to Make Air Travel More Infuriating). So be prepared to contact your representatives to pressure them to vote down the unfathomable forced unionization schemes and to reject unionization of the TSA, which would jeopardize our security and add to the unions’ membership, which ultimately would add moneys to their political supporters’ election campaigns in 2012! The money pump continues!

Beyond Lame Ducksville the landscape is even more concerning as our illustrious leader is re-tooling his staff to deal with the devastating November election in order to reshape his strategy and achieve his goals outside the legislative arena, thus appeasing his union buddies (See Obama Reshapes Administration for a Fresh Strategy)!  Obama has already recess-appointed Craig Becker to the National Labor Relation Board, and  Becker has wasted no time in overturning existing decisions and is working on imposing through the NLRB (See Obama Labor Bureaucrats to Bypass Congress and EFCA “Lite”? ).

The Obama Administration’s goal is to establish burdensome regulations and penalties on employers so unions can run their infamous Corporate campaigns and force employers to sign neutrality agreements in exchange for withdrawal of trumped up charges and extensive fines upheld by government agencies like the Department of Labor and the NLRB (See More Business Regulations, NLRB Burdens Employers with Compound Interest, and NLRB Set to Reverse Decision that Protects Employees from Forced Unionism)! The result: Card Check is achieved, businesses reduce employees, jobs are lost, the economy continues to flounder and the President moves us closer to socialism.

The Devil at My Doorstep vividly explores the devastation ruthlessly imposed on employers by union corporate campaigns and how the NLRB will Challenge Every Business Win. The table is being set to tilt the field in favor of unions, and both employers and employees better wake up and stop this destruction of our personal freedoms and government!


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