Is “Persuasion of Power” the Demise of the SEIU?

Yep, they are at it again. Are we surprised? Not really! The SEIU seems incapable of getting out of its own way. It’s not really surprising since they have nothing to sell and, even if they did, wouldn’t know how to sell it! This is truly an organization of frustrated ideologists who only understand intimidation and coercion as a business model. They can’t even play nice with rival unions!

Recent articles, including this one written by a pro-union author SEIU Uses Fear, Lies, and Million$ to Sway Kaiser Workers, are scathing attacks on the SEIU’s infamous “Persuasion of Power,” as coined by the SEIU’s past President Andy Stern. The SEIU is utilizing the same “ends justify the means” tactics (described in The Devil at My Doorstep) against rival union NUHW. Evidently, the SEIU hasn’t figured out that people naturally want free choice, and abhor intimidation, coercion and pressure, because it replaced Andy with his clone, Mary Kay Henry! Both practice socialism when even their own rank and file wants democracy, and the ability to vote in private (see SEIU and the New McCarthyism). Imagine that!

In the scheme of things, this is good since it hastens the demise of the crumbling corrupt SEIU. Its tunnel vision renders it incapable of survival. Remember, success favors the quick and nimble. The SEIU, like many unions today, is nothing more than a lumbering dinosaur. The scary part about this is that Andy Stern, who left the SEIU in operational and financial shambles, is now on the President’s Deficit Reduction Committee.

What does that bode for the future of this great country?

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