NLRB – National Labor Relations Board or NBLR – National Big Labor Resuscitation?

Another one of President Obama’s radical appointees, Craig Becker, is having his way with federal laws and is executing his boss’s promise to fundamentally change America. (See NLRB Forces Unionization through Administrative Action) . Becker has been in his new Board position at the NLRB less than six months and is already playing a major role in reversing decisions and favoring unions to accommodate the President’s vision of a socialistic America and provide union paybacks! (See Back Door Card Check). Becker, much like Kagan, is another one of the President’s ideological lackeys who may be technically qualified, but lacks the character, integrity and moral fiber to judiciously fulfill the duties of the position in the best interest of all Americans! Unfortunately, Congressional members on both sides of the aisle seem oblivious to these character flaws and how they will result in decisions counter to America’s core values and constitution.

In a recent case, the NBLR, in its infinite wisdom, found that stationary banners are not coercive and do not violate the “secondary boycotting” prohibitions under the National Labor Relations act, NLRA (See NLRB News Release). In this case the union used the banner to attack a customer of the company it had targeted — encouraging consumers not to use the customer. The idea, of course, is to have the customer put pressure on the targeted company so that the attacks will stop. The activity is typical of the union’s corporate campaign strategy, and was a technique used against EMS.   The banners in this case declared “SHAME.” Have you looked at the banner on the front cover of the book The Devil at My Doorstep? There is a banner with “Shame on EMS” at the bottom. This image was taken directly from a picture of the SEIU intimidating people in front of a building EMS cleans in downtown Indianapolis. The picture was taken at the height of the SEIU’s Persuasion of Power corporate campaign to intimidate EMS employees and customers into pressuring EMS to sign a Neutrality Agreement — the genesis of Big Labor’s coveted “Card Check” legislation. Does this not look intimidating and coercive? Do you think the customer to whom this is targeted would find it coercive?

Mr. Becker once said he could achieve “card check” through changes in the NLRB, thereby bypassing the vote necessary to implement legislation — a vote that Big Labor knows it cannot win! (See Labor Day Recap) This decision is a major step in that direction. Mr. Becker is living up to his progressive promises. The wheels are in motion and they are going to run over America’s employees and businesses, resulting in catastrophic loss of jobs and loss of American competitiveness in the world, all in the name of social justice!  Err power and money?

It is common knowledge you can determine a person’s character by their associations. Is it any wonder that the President appoints people such as Becker and Pierce when his own mentoring came from the likes of Andy Stern, Bill Ayres and Rev. Wright? America needs to wake up. Based on their latest actions, we should be certain that the President’s recent appointees will guide the new NBLR – National Big Labor Resuscitation to continue to undermine the rights of American workers, disregard Congressional intent, and destroy American business!


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