Conservative Complacency, Naiveté and the Union Political Machine Could Ruin their Mid-Term Celebration!

We have all experienced the sports game where one team is heavily favored and, according to the experts, needs only show up to win. However, in the next morning’s paper the shocking upset screams across the headlines. Republicans and conservatives seem to believe they have a rout in progress and that it is a foregone conclusion they will take back both houses in the mid-term elections. They are infatuated with poll numbers and the predictions of all the pundits (see today’s WSJ Article, Get Ready for an Anti-Incumbent Wave) that they are favored by five touchdowns.

Instead, they should be putting on a big push to reach the people and roll out a new “Contract with America” in the next two months. They seem to forget that, in sports jargon, “it isn’t over ’til it’s over,” and “that’s why you play the game!” Conservative politicians would do well to read The Devil at My Doorstep. It’s not just a business book, or a book about labor unions, it’s a political playbook on how unions, Democrats and this administration play to win. If the conservatives don’t learn to play the game by their rules it could be a very ugly November! The book fosters an understanding as to why the best defense is often a good offense and why this is a good strategy for conservatives in the two months leading up to mid-term elections.

The SEIU’s corporate campaign against EMS woke me up to the fact that they are a political machine bent on changing the very fabric of American life. Their campaign is not for social justice, or for the benefit of the rank and file, but is purely to enroll more members in order to collect dues that are then used to further their political agenda. The tactics used in their corporate campaign are based on Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.” The key theories are to overwhelm the system and ridicule, defame, intimidate, coerce, pressure or steam roll your opponents into submission. Sound familiar? It should, as these are the tactics this administration learned from the likes of the SEIU and have used to pass health care, the stimulus package, and financial reform. The parallels between the SEIU’s Corporate Campaigns used to force companies into unionism and the Obama Administration’s campaign to fundamentally change America are undeniable. After all, the current President unabashedly has let it be known he was once an organizer for them. Reading The Devil at My Doorstep brings this clearly into focus. Now they are ready to mount the same attacks over the next two months to steal the election, just as they did in 2008. Conservatives still want to be Statesmen, even when they are facing an opponent that operates like Attila the Hun. “Take no prisoners.” You cannot reason with them, you cannot bargain nor have a civil debate with them, you must confront them on their own terms and expose them for what they truly represent! If this doesn’t happen, it could be a very devastating mid-term for the future of America. Read the following article if you have any doubts!

Beating the Left at Its Own Game to Take Back America

The unions are going to have their foot soldiers in mass on the streets to once again swell turnout, misrepresent information, misinform the public and intimidate voters. In fact, the AFL-CIO has already been out in Ohio and Pennsylvania. The unions are going to spend millions of dollars to ridicule and defame conservative candidates. The liberals and the Obama Administration will be in lock step and protect their flanks (see articles below)! I have lived through a corporate campaign and understand what is coming. Readers of the book have told me they now understand what is happening politically and the tactics this new regime of the Democratic Party, the labor unions and left wing organizations will employ to defeat a complacent and naïve conservative movement. It is time to stand toe-to-toe with them and expose them for what they are, no more than schoolyard bullies who will back down when you look them in the eye! It is time to go on the offense!

The Professional Left vs. the Amateur Right

FEC Allows SEIU’s Illegal Political Fund-Raising Scheme

Get Ready for an Anti-Incumbent Wave

Labor Rows Against an Angry Tide

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