A Sad “Labor Day” for Unions?

Unions have suffered declines in membership over the past 50 years and the past year was no exception, even with a friend in the White House! The decline in union membership has obviously caused a reduction in revenues via membership dues. Additionally,  despite their best efforts, the White House has been incapable of passing the union’s most coveted legislation, the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) or Card Check! Add on the union’s underfunded pension and health care plans and you would have to believe this Labor Day Holiday is a nightmare for organized labor!


 Despite the fact that Americans have been voting against unions for over 50 years by deciding to overwhelmingly accept jobs with non-union companies, the unions and the sympathetic media ideologues (see articles below ” No Holiday for Labor Unions” and “Labor Rows Against Angry Tide”) big labor continues to boast they are the cure for the economy and the working American.  What fuels this hope?  The White House has delivered other goodies (see my Blog: Obama’s Love Affair and related articles) to foist forced unionism on the American people. The unions are also betting on the Lame Duck (see my Blog: Beware the Lame Duck and related articles) to deliver Card Check!


Despite the clear message from the American people and the foresight of the Taft-Hartley Act (see my blog: Back to the Future?), the President is intent on accommodating the unions.  This comes as no surprise, as they were the major source of his campaign funds for the 2008 election and have already committed substantial sums to liberals for the upcoming midterm elections in November. The truly sad part of this Labor Day is not for the union hierarchy, but for the rank and file whose wages, pensions and health care (see my Blog: Corrupt Politics?) are being pillaged to support the unions’ and liberals’ political aspirations under the guise of social and economic justice!


What they forget is that all of us, no matter what station in life, constitute American labor! Yet they continue a policy of economic class warfare in an attempt to destroy our freedoms and the free market system. Despite all of this, the bottom line is the unions have nothing to sell! If they did, they would not have to rely on political contributions, new laws or executive orders to achieve their goals and force their will on the American people! Let’s hope the American people send a resounding message at the polls this November and that that next Labor Day is celebrated by the American workforce as a victory over the union hierarchy who has forgotten the importance of the rank and file!



 Labor rows against an angry tide

 No holiday for labor unions



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