Fight Forced Unionism and Help Public Sector Union Reform!

The labor unions continue to mount efforts to push EFCA through Congress against the will of the people. We have all seen what forced unionism has done to the public sector, especially in union-friendly political states like Michigan, New York, Illinois and California. Those of us living in Indiana have benefited from a political climate that has been willing to fight to keep public unions from decimating our state budget and economy. States like California, however, now face bankruptcy due to the infiltration of insidious unions (like the union I fought, the SEIU) into public sector jobs. However, there is a ray of light at the end of the tunnel. There are now grass root groups standing up to challenge the public unions, and they need our help.



I have had the opportunity to work with one such group, the Citizen Power Campaign.

The Citizen Power Campaign is mounting a drive to elect officials who will reverse the trend in California. Ultimately, this will be beneficial for all of us. Reducing the size of public sector unions will also help reduce private sector attacks, since unions finance such actions through public sector dues! Please read the attached information, visit their website and consider a generous donation to fight for a worthy cause!

The Citizen Power Campaign also has a community site where like-minded activists on this issue exchange information.

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