“No Thank You Mr. President”

In “No Thank You Mr. President,” a collection of business success stories from arguably one of the most recession-ravaged regions in the country, author John Cohoat, a successful businessman in his own right, has captured the heart and soul of what has truly made America exceptional. Hard work, ingenuity, integrity, perseverance, personal accountability and personal responsibility: these are the attributes of success in our free market society, and they are constant themes throughout the book in which Elkhart County soundly rejects the current administration’s  social agenda of government “cradle to grave” entitlements, despite the President’s attempt to use Elkhart County as a phot0-op to pass his socialistic agendas and redistribution of wealth!  Elkhart County is the poster child for the belief that the best assistance government can provide is to get out of the way!

Please do yourself, your business and your family a favor and make this book a required reading. If we pull ourselves up by the bootstraps and make this country great once again, it will be because of success stories such as those related in this book and not due to government handouts! Please read more at the blog site below!



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