Biting the Hand that Feeds You?

To many Americans and the mainstream media it is apparently inconceivable that government officials would be involved with unions  and their corrupt infiltration of government at all levels in so called “Pay-to-Play” schemes. What is truly incredible is how naïve people are about what is transpiring, especially when  unions like the SEIU are blatant enough to implicate the President of the United States in a scheme such as the one involving former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich ! It’s not that the President is necessarily innocent, but the fact the SEIU believes it can act with impunity while they  defame, pressure and intimidate whomever they wish to achieve their goals.  Apparently this includes the President of the United States.

It is no secret the unions, especially the SEIU,  are incensed about not receiving their expected political payback in the form of the  coveted ” Employee Free Choice Act” for supporting the President during his Presidential campaign. However, what is most striking about this is that the SEIU is using a page out of their “Corporate Campaign” playbook (used in corporate organizing campaigns) against the very man they elected and who himself was an organizer and utilizes the same tactics. Obviously the SEIU believes they can use intimidation tactics against anyone including their friend in the White House without repercussions.

Their infiltration at all levels of government, from local government to the highest branches of our federal system, is scary! In my book “The Devil at My Doorstep” I recount several stories where the SEIU infiltrated local governments in Indianapolis and St. Louis where resolutions/ordinances were passed supporting SEIU objectives, or in Michigan and Oregon where state governments  passed laws to force unionism on home health care providers, or Andy Stern’s  cozy relationship with the President. Our government is compromised as corruption and intimidation occur at all levels, and despite all of the gains  unions have enjoyed under this administration it is apparent they have no loyalties, even to the hand that feeds them!

The following Fox video with Hannity and Michelle Malkin finally starts to unravel the corruption, and the attached article begins to provide insight into not only how many modern day unions operate, but how they believe they are untouchable! Unfortunately the media is not digging deep enough and refuses to recognize the depth of infiltration and ruthlessness of the unions. Unions are desperate for membership growth and desperate organizations commit desperate acts! When are we going to collectively wake up? When 12 % of the work force or roughly 6% of the population is controlling government policy, the tail is wagging the dog and the Devil is at Our Doorstep!


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