The Devil at Your Doorstep!

I have been interviewed on radio and television about my story and the ruthless attacks perpetrated by SEIU organizers against my employees, customers and family. However, it seems people either believe these things don’t really happen, or they’re isolated events which don’t represent typical union organizing efforts, or I’m telling a one-sided story. Recently I received a letter in the mail from a manager who works for a competitor of EMS, and that letter supports the morass I have conveyed to the media and the general public. This individual tells the truth from the trenches! The truth about what happens every day across the country to thousands of businesses and millions of employees!

I have reprinted the letter below, withholding the name of the author and employer at the author’s request. I sincerely hope this will wake up both employees to the self-interest and ruthlessness of unions like the SEIU and businesses to the fact they have a responsibility to protect the rights of all their employees (especially those in situations where they may be easily persuaded, intimidated and/or manipulated)! When will the media, the politicians, and business community generate some intestinal fortitude and collectively step up to stop employee abuse at the hands of unions like the SEIU who hide behind the so-called altruistic banner of social justice?

I have had several media professionals tell me the book should be a movie. I agree, not for personal motives, but rather as a means to expose corrupt union Corporate Campaigns that strip employee and employer rights and basic American Freedoms!

I want to personally thank this individual for the courage to stand up when so many are unwilling!

Mr. Bego,

I wanted to take a moment & reach out to you.  I’m reading your book, “The Devil at My Doorstep”.  I greatly admire your story from your humble beginning in the industry through your battle with SEIU.

I’m a project manager for a competitor of EMS.  I have daily front line experience with the SEIU.  We have after many years forged a working relationship.  My stance (and it’s heartfelt) is that we (myself and supervisors) care much more for the individuals that we manage than the Union does.  To the Union; they are simply $45 per month in union dues.  I’ve also found that like “your Daniel”, the Union takes only the most unscrupulous of miscreants, usually terminated from a cleaning job to work passing out flyers or canvassing.  My first termination in February 2004 has been promoted by the Union to a member advocate.  She’s the face sitting across the table from me at grievances!  I’ve experienced many of the tactics that you did, firsthand.  Shop Stewards are elected in much the same fashion as “The Card Check”.  It’s not a private ballot.  Shop stewards are often the most uninformed and easily manipulated folks.  They are not above lying, cheating or stealing to protect a brother or sister.  Sadly, even the outcome of these grievances can be pre-ordained as deals are cut and the exercise is simply a sham.  My background in sports made me ill prepared for this. I came ready, all ducks in a row, with all guns blazing just to find out that “we’re doing the union a favor on this one”.  Since we’re neutral; I can’t even discuss with my folks how they’re being used and manipulated.  They are terrific people and deserve better. 

I’ve rambled.  I do want you to know that I found your story to be most interesting and inspiring.  I was empathetic.  If you ever find your way into this area I’d love to buy you a cup of coffee and talk.




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3 responses to “The Devil at Your Doorstep!

  1. Steve Evans

    Very Nice!

  2. My first thought is to have someone arrange to get copies of Dave’s book to be available at the work place.
    Is there a “neutral place” that can be the repository of literature-all types-that tell both sides? I believe it was Lincoln who said “Let the people know the truth and the country is safe.”

  3. Rick Bartlett

    SEIU; nothing more than socialism in full bloom.

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