Household Economics?

Considering the President’s misguided experiment with Social Engineering through the support of forced unionism, his total lack of experience with finances (since much of his education and training were paid for by others), and absence of any executive experience in the private sector, is it really surprising he has no clue how to run a business or fix the economy? He likes to site Keynes’ theory, but only as it relates to his desire to expand the welfare state and to the extent his limited financial background allows him to understand its true dynamics. Margaret Thatcher’s quote is a mystery to him: “The problem with spending other people’s money is that you eventually run out of it!”

 Shawn Tulley and the attached video do a good job of exposing the President’s lack of experience and fundamental business knowledge. This is another good reason we should have required basic business classes in elementary schools, high schools and colleges. Too many people do not understand simple business fundamentals or the advantages the Free Market system provides for all people.

Oops, I forgot. He doesn’t want us to understand! It’s about Power and Money! Wake Up America!



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2 responses to “Household Economics?

  1. Bruce Petty Sr

    The left has such a head start what with the media and the teachers unions and colleges I thought that Americans of my stripe (every day working stiffs) would never be heard. But thanks to talk radio,(Rush,Sean,Glen, and the rest), the tea party and bogs such as yours we are on the assention that god

  2. An ostrich no more

    “Oops, I forgot. He doesn’t want us to understand! It’s about Power and Money!”

    Yeah, you’re right, except…

    Obama is just a flunky who reads speeches real purty and doesn’t actually decide anything. He does exactly what his masters in the shadows tell him to do, just like Georgie chimpanzee-boy before him, just like that lying POS Clinton before him, just like chimpy’s dad Poppy Bush, Reagan, Carter…

    Nixon had some spine to him, so therefore he got “Watergated.”

    Kennedy had even more nutsack so therefore he got his brains sprayed out…

    Bottom line: the people who really need to “wake up” are those who haven’t realized yet that this country, back behind the mass media mind-vomit they wallow in every day, is a vicious Stalinist dictatorship and has been for 100 years. Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson sold ALL OF YOU to the devil, a.k.a. ‘the Rothschilds.’ Partisan politics is just STUPID. Neither side is worth a goddamn. They’re all TRAITORS who need to be lined up against a wall and churned into goulash with mini-guns.

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