Acorn/SEIU and Obama sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

Don Loos from the National Right to Work exposes the real reason behind the Obama Administration’s support for amnesty and undocumented workers through the Department of Labor (DOL). Solis’s recent public announcement is hardly altruistic, but rather is politically motivated as payback to the unions and to ensure future support from the Hispanic voting block. In fact, the unions would love the threat of increased employer fines to be implemented for any reason, such as the DOL proposed rule changes on Employer Financial reporting (see June 22nd Blog “Overwhelming the System”)! 

Please read this article carefully, especially the paragraph beginning “This is another . . . ” Then click on the second link and read the Acorn e-mail trail!  You may also want to re-read the June 24th blog “Corrupt Politics?”!


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