A Myopic View of Progress!

The labor movement and the political far left continue to demonize the so-called disparity of wealth between the rich and the poor. They fail to acknowledge that Americans at all socioeconomic levels have benefited significantly from American capitalism and free enterprise. Why? Because it doesn’t fit their business model for success of propaganda and misinformation.

America guarantees equality for every American  at birth; however, it doesn’t guarantee an equality in the results of their labors. This makes America unique and the last best hope for humanity because it places responsibility and accountability on the individual and not the government. When personal responsibility occurs, nations prosper. History has taught us well that socialism never works as all of the populace continue to become poorer. Yes, capitalism may continue to generate a disparity of wealth, but even the lowest wage earner will receive greater benefits than their counterparts around the world.

Our Founding Fathers understood there would be different economic classes, but they also knew a free market system was the best opportunity for all men!  In the following article, Jonah Goldberg once again demonstrates our Founding Fathers wisdom and dispels the left’s myopic view of progress through the use of common sense and modern day stories! Dennis Prager brings it all together in his You-Tube comments! Enjoy and become Active!




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