Obama’s Love affair!

If you are still naïve or have not connected the dots between  the overwhelming number of this current Administration’s directives/initiatives and the benefits they bestow upon the beloved unions, please read the articles at the following links.  While you do, please keep in mind yesterday’s blog about the Taft-Hartley Act and how Congress was smart enough to overturn Truman’s veto in 1947. Do you think this Congress is that intelligent?  Remember as you answer that question that today’s unions are no more than political machines who expect paybacks from the politicians! Are you willing to bet our future and loss of American Freedoms on this Congress? If not please get involved! Now!




NLRB invites amicus briefs in pending cases

NLRB brief request – Electronic Notice and Compound Interest

Article – Living Wage for Govt Contr – WH Considers Bidding Adv

Article – High Road Contracting Policy Comes Into Focus

Article – High Road Procurement Policy Would Favor

DOL regulatory agenda Spring 2010


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