No Change at the SEIU!

Andy Stern stepped down from the helm of the SEIU last month, apparently in an attempt to allow the SEIU to paint a fresh face. However, it appears the only difference between Stern and successor Mary Kay Henry is gender. Mary Kay’s objectives of forced unionism, whether employees or employers like it or not, remain firmly entrenched in the SEIU playbook. In fact, Ms. Henry has not only called for a return to increased organizational drives (a.k.a. Corporate Campaigns), but budgeted $ 4 million dollars to organize bank tellers whether they are interested or not.

 It is purely a case of the SEIU inviting itself to become representative to a group of  employees rather than the employees inviting the SEIU. Does that seem a little backward to you?  Unfortunately it is commonplace for this union and several others to believe it is their responsibility to make decisions for people and use any force at their disposal, including political, to achieve their radical goals.

 A perfect example is the events which transpired at the Democratic primary in Arkansas on Tuesday. Blanche Lincoln had repeatedly expressed opposition to the ‘Employee Free Choice Act” (EFCA) and drawn the ire of the SEIU. The SEIU’s response was to pour millions of union members dollars (despite under-funded pension plans) into an effort to replace Lincoln. In spite of the money and alleged intimidation by the SEIU, Arkansas’ voters still backed Blanche Lincoln. Certainly a victory for common sense and civility!

 However, the disconcerting part of this is that the tactics and objectives have not changed and all employees and employers need to be alert and continue to fight this menace, which is supported by the current administration.

Please watch the National Right to Work Video on Mary Kay Henry and read the Wall Street Journal and Huffington Post articles on the union loss in Arkansas. The more things change the more they stay the same!


The Unions Lose Big

An ideological cleansing fails in Arkansas.

Big Labor set out to teach incumbent Arkansas Senator Blanche Lincoln a “progressive” lesson on Tuesday, and she survived, 52% to 48%. Whether or not the two-term Democratic incumbent wins or loses in November, the result is an important moment for the Democratic Party and its leftward march.

Ms. Lincoln became labor’s prime target this year because she failed to support their top priorities of “card check” for easier union organizing and a health-care “public option,” though she did provide the crucial 60th vote for ObamaCare. The SEIU, AFL-CIO, AFSCME and the rest of the union brotherhood recruited Lieutenant Governor Bill Halter to take her on, knowing that a Lincoln defeat would put fear in the souls, if that’s the right word, of other Democratic incumbents. Big Labor would be that much closer to owning the joint and dictating Democratic policy. 

The unions went all-in for Mr. Halter, enough so that a White House official was quoted by Politico on Tuesday night that, “Organized labor just flushed $10 million of their members’ money down the toilet on a pointless exercise.” AFL-CIO spokesman Eddie Vale responded that, “We are not an arm of the White House or the DNC or a political party.” Maybe so, but the point of their effort was to make Senate Democrats an arm of a labor elite that represents only one in 10 American workers.

Labor’s failure in Arkansas may give Democrats more gumption to pursue an independent agenda, at least in swing states where the union march to Europe’s welfare states isn’t welcomed. This result may prove too late to help Senator Lincoln in the fall, however, as she trails by 25 points in the polls thanks to her association with what Republican challenger John Boozman calls “the Obama-Pelosi-Reid agenda.” But it offers some glimmer of hope for less radical Democratic governance in the future.


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