The Ends Justify the Means!

Are the President and Unions attempting an end run around Congress to put EFCA  provisions in play? Apparently so as evidenced yesterday when the National Labor Relations Board sent out a Request for Information (RFI)  on electronic balloting for union recognition elections. It may sound like modern use of technology and efficient, but please read on!

 Now, if you have any doubt or are unclear about the reasons  unions are endorsing offsite voting, please watch the shocking video below. It depicts the tactics and extent unions will go to gain/protect membership. Keep in mind the voting in this video was to choose between unions and not-for-union recognition of an employer. In this case, the unions were like vultures fighting between themselves over road kill. Just think what would happen if you and your employees were subjected to this type of organizing and elimination of an on-site secret ballot election, physically overseen by members of the National Labor Relations Board.

If you do not believe they are serious please remember the recent appointments of radical union attorneys Craig Becker and Mark Pierce to the board at the NLRB! This is another attempt by the administration to overwhelm the system to achieve their and their buddies’ objectives!


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