The Department of Labor’s Latest Attempt

The following article covers the Department of Labor’s ( DOL’s) latest attempt to eliminate or restrict Employers rights to meet and discuss with their employees the pro’s and cons of unionization. What is disturbing about this move is it covers not only outside Counsel or Consultants, but meetings with employees by company management and/or supervision. Of course, labelling such basic activities as “persuasive” places them in a position of becoming fodder for unions to file Unfair Labor Practices (ULP’s) when mounting Corporate Campaign’s against companies.

Yes folks, this is just one step closer to EFCA (card check) where employees and employers have no voice or freedom of personal choice. Why doesn’t the President just issue an Executive Order that all employees both public and private will belong to a union? Please note that the DOL’s rulemaking does not contain any such restriction on the unions, and the intent appears to provide such an unlevel playing field that unions can’t help but win. Whose employees are they and who owns the jobs and pays the wages? Please read below and stay tuned.

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