SEIU’s “Persuasion of Power”

The SEIU made news this past week as it sent 500 protestors on busses with a District of Columbia police escort to Greg Baer’s (Bank of America’s Executive) personal residence in Rockville, Maryland. This made national news on most network and cable stations as well as many newspapers. What is truly amazing is that it took an incident like this to get national attention. Events like this occur everyday throughout the country when unions target companies for a Corporate Campaign, such as the one endured by EMS!

In this particular case the reason for the SEIU’s ” Persuasion of Power” was not a Corporate Campaign against Bank of America to organize their bank tellers (which is coming), but to protest the bank’s involvement in the financial meltdown and the effect on people who lost their homes to default. Nevertheless, the endgame sought and the tactics utilized are from the same playbook unions use in their Corporate Campaigns. While it is not this blog’s intent to debate the merits of this particular issue, it is necessary to understand this playbook in order to expose the ruthless tactics used by the SEIU and other unions to achieve their goals. Can you imagine the consequences if Bank of America marched on Andy Stern’s home, or that of his successor, Mary Kay Henry? Can you imagine Bank of America obtaining a police escort? Let’s draw some parallels to similar instances EMS experienced (as related in, “The Devil at My Doorstep”):

1.) Halloween 2007 when the SEIU had small children trick or treat in my neighborhood and hand out fliers degrading my company and a customer’s company! Two cars with SEIU thugs followed them around the neighborhood. Our neighbors were frightened! Using small children — how vulgar!

2.) SEIU had the City of Indianapolis City Council, which they infiltrated, pass an agreement whereby the city supported the Justice for Janitors Campaign! This meant the SEIU would receive preferential treatment to obtain permits to close city streets to protest against EMS with police oversight. Even building owners could not obtain this type of permit to sponsor a recognition day for employees or tenants!

3.) Note in the article below the protestors knew just how far to push the envelope before backing off. Same with EMS and all of the protests, picketing fliers, letters, demonstrations, OSHA and Unfair Labor Practice complaints perpetrated against EMS. How? Because they have a training manual just like they do for Corporate Campaigns. I know; I have a copy!

4.) The SEIU has little fear of government intervention, especially when they are cozy with the White House (or state or local government). Why won’t the media investigate stories like EMS, when they are happening across the country every day? Ask yourself, “why?”

This is a threat which will affect both business and American individual liberties! Something is very, very wrong! Please read and watch more! More importantly get involved!


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